What you can not take with you to pool parties in Vegas, from Tic Tacs to tank tops

  • Las Vegas pool parties attract thousands from all walks of life, but not all things are welcome.
  • Among the common types of prohibited garments are sportswear, bagged clothing, torn or torn clothing and more.
  • Many of the day clubs note that their lists are not exhaustive, so guests should be prepared that security will prevent them from entering items that may not be on the list.

The Transportation Security Administration has nothing to do with the security guards manning the entrance to Drai’s Beach Club.

Within seconds of looking into a small black clutch, they found the smuggled goods.

Tic Tacs, they said, had to leave.

The small white coins are just one of the hundreds of items that have found their way onto the day clubs’ kilometer-long list of banned items. The basins’ lists contain many things that often float around in a purse or pocket.

No chewing gum. No nasal spray. No over-the-counter medication and in some clubs no prescription medication.

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The seats around the pool, the only available place to sit at Drai's Beach Club at The Cromwell hotel in Las Vegas, were quickly filled up on Saturday, April 2, when rapper DaBaby was the entertainment.

“I actually have to take medication twice a day,” said Laura Hill, an Australian who was on a pool hop in Las Vegas this month. “I just take it morning and evening, I did not take it with me. But I’m like a man, if I had to take it with me, it would suck.”

Hill added that she also often wears eye drops – another item on many pools’ no-no list.

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