Weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign for April 18-24, 2022

Your horoscope for the week is here with yet another astrology forecast for all zodiac signs starting April 18-24, 2022. Here’s what’s happening in this part of Aries’ season.

Between April 18 and 24, 2022, we are going to see so many transits that we are likely to get a chance to feel all the emotions that are, especially in terms of love and romance.

This week is packed with Venus passages, and while half of them are in balance with confused, chaotic celestial bodies.

The other half seems to be working in our favor, implying that this week could be a very good week for love. We could say that one way or another, we will find love – even if the path that leads us there is rocky.

We are also looking at some labor disputes; some people here may move on from a longer-term job this week, suggesting that jobs will be lost.

However, there is a tone of the week that says that all losses can and will be used as inspiration; the experience will actually turn into manifested wisdom.

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