Tony Khan takes some blame for Singh’s debut, arguing on Twitter about it

Tony Khan paid one of his regular visits to Busted Open today (April 15). He was there to promote tonight’s live Rampage show, and tomorrow The blow to the belts special – but of course he also had to discuss the critically insulted ending on Wednesday Dynamite.

His response to the decision to debut the very big, very green Satnam Singh as a show-ending, light out surprise is pretty good. Khan basically says that the customer is always right, and takes the blame for making mistakes in this case. Then he says something that makes it seem as if he is adding a warning to his ownership of the bug, and the answer is not quite so good anymore.

“I could have done better. It’s one of the things I wish I had done it a little differently because the fans will always be right, so if the fans do not like something – sometimes there are some things about that where we try to get warm, where if you’re in a ‘trying to get hot’ situation, people will not always love it.But there are things about it that I probably should have done differently now that I see it in the rearview mirror.

“And to be honest, it was not my idea to turn off the light. But I am the ultimate filter, I am the person who goes through everything. I put the outline of the show together and when I arrived on Wednesday I thought it was the best outline I have ever put together. One of them, at least. It was as much strong wrestling as you could possibly fit into the program, and until then, I thought the show was excellent. That was the one thing we went out for. People might not like it. Satnam is an important person for us, it was important to debut him in a meaningful way and show that he with Jay Lethal will be a force to be reckoned with.

“At the same time, turning off the lights for someone people did not recognize – that’s a good point. To be honest, the person who brought it up has over 30 years of experience in professional wrestling. When they brought it up to me , I only looked at the pros, and I should have thought about the cons.Because it’s my job as the person who decides what’s going in and who filters these ideas out. somehow there was not one person when the idea arose that brought out the negative.When we did, all the negative was suddenly very clear.

“So look, I do not want to say who it was and I do not have to list all the credentials – Mark [Henry, who was hosting Busted Open with Dave LaGreca today] included – by all the amazing people around me and in the production meeting, but it was many veterans. And to be honest, no one said that, but when it did, I completely agreed with the fans. “

Henry exposes his boss for admitting he was wrong, then TK plows on and finally puts a positive spin on it, while basically confirming the motivation for the booking:

“Thank you for saying that, Mark. Like I said when it came up, I said, ‘It might seem like it’s different.’ I was looking for how I could physically get him in there at that moment, and someone I said, with over 30 years of experience, said, ‘Well, we could turn off the lights and do this and that,’ and I went, ‘Okay. ‘

“And I should have seen the negatives before we did, and I really did not see them until it actually happened, and then I thought, ‘Okay, of course.’ But it’s not Satnam’s fault, it’s certainly not Jay Lethal’s fault. At the same time, I’m very excited about it. I think it created a lot of buzz. nor do I want it to permeate a lot of good things in the show, and I do not think it has it, or it will, because there was very nice wrestling on that show, so I’m happy about that. But the fans will always be right. ”

The part of the answer where he says that what was undoubtedly the worst decision was not his idea is what many people have understandably clung to, because even though he says it was his fault because he approved of the bad idea, he could have just left it. separated. And not taken it up a few more times.

When people who were in doubt about that part of the quote discussed it on Twitter, TK found them. And he proved once again that he is a bulletin board guy throughout …

I give him this. You’ll probably never see Vince McMahon tweet “You have to hire this relationship” to a guy from Jersey with 100 followers.

Other than that … nothing here is likely to change your opinion of Tony Khan. If AEW’s main honcho has done anything, it is to focus on the internet conversation from the end of Dynamites and put it on itself. Maybe that was his goal? Maybe he’s just amplified by Red Bull and his love of wrestling?

Tell us what you think.

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