‘The most advanced night vision camera that consumers can buy’, allows you to record colored night video as bright as day

Do you remember the quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology can not be distinguished from magic”? It’s the kind of quote I think was reserved for gadgets like the DuoVox Mate Pro. Announced to be the most advanced color night vision camera available to regular users, the DuoVox Mate Pro can record video in the dark, almost as if it were 4pm. While traditional night vision cameras use IR LEDs to see in the dark, DuoVox takes a different route using an F0.9 aperture lens for light sensitivity, a Sony STARVIS 2 backlit CMOS image 1 / 1.8 “day-night sensor , and AI that uses advanced noise reduction, color correction, and object recognition to record shots in the dark. blasters that allow people and cameras to sign in. Perfect for everything from vlogging to nightly wildlife hunting and even the weird secret mission … you know, if you’re allowed that kind of thing.

Designer: Yuki Otake

Click here to buy now: $ 599 $ 1200 (50% discount). Hurry, only 78/100 left!

Designed with a shape that looks no different than your consumer-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera, the DuoVox Mate Pro is a smart handheld device capable of recording up to 2K videos or even RAW and JPEG images. On the inside, the Mate Pro’s specially developed Sony STARVIS 2 backlit CMOS 1 / 1.8 ″ sensor sits just behind a 7-glass lens system that allows you to calculate multiple images and overlay them to make a bright, high-resolution shot with viewing distances up to 1000 feet or 300 meters.

Duovox Mate Pro gives you HD true color night vision in an easy-to-use point-and-shoot setup.

Photography of wild animals

Urban photography

Dash Cam

Home security camera

Creating content at night

3 levels of brightness.

What sets the DuoVox Mate Pro apart at first glance is its intuitive design and interface. It looks and behaves as you would expect and it does not come with controls, buttons and knobs that make you want to take out the user manual. The camera is easy to grip with one hand and can also be mounted on a tripod. It comes with a 3 ″ touch screen on the back that lets you navigate through its settings and even sync with your smartphone using an Android or iOS app. The camera also has its own built-in microphone and speaker, and perhaps its biggest but most understated feature – a powerful built-in LED flashlight (with 3 brightness settings) so you can navigate in the dark.

DuoVox Mate Pro provides delay-free real-time vision of the world around you in full true color.

On the software front, the DuoVox Mate Pro covers a wide range of use cases. It lets you record traditionally by pressing the shutter button, or even lets you activate a motion detection trigger so that the camera can start recording as soon as it detects any movement. It even has an instant recording function that starts as soon as the camera is turned on, as well as a recording function that can save recordings from up to 25 minutes before you press the shutter button so you never miss a moment. Similarly, a delay-stop function continues recording for up to 30 seconds after you press the shutter button to avoid losing video by accidentally pressing the button. A loop mode setting lets the camera shoot continuously for 24/48 hours, overwrites the older shots with newer shots, and like any good camera, the Mate Pro also comes with a timelapse mode that lets you take amazing laps of a bright day in the transition into a well-lit night scene. Recordings are recorded to the DuoVox Mate Pro’s MicroSD card slot, which supports storage of as much as 512 GB, and a 3000mAh battery gives you 4 hours of continuous recording, with a USB-C slot that lets you charge or power the device for longer sessions.

The only standing problem with night-vision technology is that they are usually specialized gadgets designed to serve a single specific use – a night-vision camera for wildlife photography is not suitable for use in home security and vice versa. DuoVox Mate Pro does not quite have that problem. Its versatile construction allows you to use it for outdoor wildlife videography, city-based vlogging or even as a home security camera (thanks to motion detection), a car dashcam (with loop recording mode) or even a regular webcam (thanks to its ability to to connect to a PC and also its face recognition features). Its rugged construction means you can take it anywhere, and its waterproof construction means your night vision camera can more than withstand a few splashes of water. The DuoVox Mate Pro starts at $ 599, that’s a 50% discount on its $ 1200 retail price.

Click here to buy now: $ 599 $ 1200 (50% discount). Hurry, only 78/100 left!

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