The Mets are considering trading with the Padres for Eric Hosmer, Chris Paddack

The Mets have spent the past week considering a move that would make them the first $ 300 million ever.

They have discussed acquiring Eric Hosmer and Chris Paddack from Padres for Dominic Smith. Athletic first reported on the potential.

The Mets would essentially take on the last four years, and $ 59 million owed Hosmer access to additional starting depth on pitching now – and in the future – with Paddack. They considered this move even before Jacob deGrom reported pain in his shoulder and eventually turned out to have a stress reaction on his scapula that will prevent him from turning up in the majors until the end of May at the earliest.

The Mets would assume the average value of $ 18 million of Hosmer’s contract (based on his eight-year full contract to $ 144 million) plus the $ 2.25 million owed to Paddack for 2022. The Mets currently expect a payout of around $ 288 million for luxury tax. purpose. So the addition of $ 20 million-ish more would zoom them beyond $ 300 million, though it’s always possible San Diego could eat some of Hosmer’s contract to facilitate a trade and change the luxury tax for the Mets. The team’s luxury tax record has been $ 297.5 million for the Dodgers in 2015.

Erik Hosmer
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This is a sensitive issue in the immediate aftermath of a new collective bargaining agreement in which the other owners were given a new fourth super-tax level of $ 290 million with the hope of especially tethering the Mets. It quickly became known as the Steve Cohen Tax.

Because he has heard complaints from other owners about the $ 300 million barrier, even Cohen has endured the hesitation as to whether he should break this figure. The Dodgers, according to the Fangraphs, are expected to make about $ 292 million this season after they turned AJ Pollock for Craig Kimbrel on Friday.

Like the 2015 Dodgers, who were still in the early years of a new ownership, Cohen is trying to use his money to speed up relevance and controversy while providing coverage to upgrade a minor league feeding system.

The Mets believe that into 2022, their biggest area of ​​vulnerability was incipient pitching depth, particularly due to age / injury concerns with Carlos Carrasco, deGrom and Max Scherzer. DeGrom has already given reality to that fear.

Chris Paddack
Chris Paddack
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Chris Bassit was obtained after the lockout to join Taijuan Walker to provide the most ideal rotation depth. But the Mets now know they need to dive into their depths to begin the season.

Paddack would join Tylor Megill, David Peterson and – at some point during the year – Joey Lucchesi to provide rotation options for 2022. In addition, Bassit, Carrasco, deGrom and Walker could all be free agents after the 2022 season. Paddack was just arbitrated for the first time.

Paddack is not something safe. He had a strong rookie season in 2019, winning 9-7 with an ERA of 3.33. But he had an ERA of 4.73 in 12 starts in the COVID-shortened 2020 season. And it was a 5.07 ERA in 23 appearances (22 starts) last season for the disappointing Padres. Paddack, who underwent Tommy John surgery in the minors, was shut down in September with what the team said was a slight sprain of his right elbow. He came to this camp in a battle for fifth place with the newly signed Nick Martinez.

Paddack, 26, is known for having an inconsistent fastball and excellent change. A big question has been whether he could ever make the connection with a breaking ball to get a viable third lane.

Paddack’s rookie season in 2019 included a sod with Pete Alonso. Both were placed on the opening day list that year and had excellent April. Alonso was named NL Rookie of the Month. Paddack responded by saying, “I’m coming after him,” noting that the goal was Rookie of the Year (which Alonso won), not Rookie of the Month. The two faced each other on May 6th. Alonso went 0-to-3 with two strikeouts against Paddack, who was quite ready in his celebration of the two punchouts.

Dominic Smith
Dominic Smith
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Afterwards, Alonso sprayed some gas on the case by telling reporters: “If he was mad (not winning NL Rookie of the Month), there are five other months.… He also said something about winning Rookie of the Year. That would be nice. , but I’m trying to win a World Series. ”

Because Paddack was brought up to begin the 2019 season, he has exactly three years of service plus three options. So if the Mets send him to the minors to get depth for another two weeks this year, he would go from being a free agent after the 2024 season to having to wait until after the 2025 campaign.

Hosmer, 32, would become a somewhat more expensive, more limited Smith – a left-handed winger who, with some regularity, can move Alonso to the designated hitter. While Smith also played some corner outfields, Hosmer has played 25 career innings in the outfield and none since 2015. That was the year the Royals beat the Mets in a World Series, where the signature game was probably Hosmer’s streak home to draw Game 5 first. baseman Lucas Duda threw wildly to the plate.

Hosmer signed the eight-year, $ 144 million free agent deal with San Diego after the 2017 season, and his performance has been as common as Padre; perhaps most surprisingly, scouts cite how his defense has taken a noticeable step back. The team has been trying to swap him for at least a year to remove pay to pursue other needs, and Hosmer has been outraged at how public his availability had become.

The Padres tried this offseason to pick up Nelson Cruz, Eddie Rosario, Kyle Schwarber and Seiya Suzuki and swap with Cincinnati for Jesse Winker. They would still like to add an outfield bat with the money saved from a Hosmer deal.

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