The Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera has three hits, within six of 3,000 in victory over the Royals

Kansas City, Mo. – It was not the three hits that made him fire up after the Tigers closed out a hard-fought 4-2 win over the Kansas City Royals on Thursday night, just as much as it was his daring sprint home in the second inning.

“Woooo,” Miguel Cabrera said. “Did you see that ?! Speedy Gonzalez.”

Cabrera felt a mid-depth flying ball to the left field by Harold Castro and challenged the arm of left fielder Andrew Benintendi. He lost the race – the ball hit him to the plate – but Cabrera slipped to the back of the plate and avoided the mark from catcher Salvador Perez.

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera scores on a sacrifice during the second half of Thursday's 4-2 win over the Royals in Kansas City, Mo.

Cabrera showed up, gave a fist blow and then strutted back to the Vince McMahon style.

“It was fun,” said Tigers starter Casey Mize. “I try to stay focused and I see it happen. It was really fun. And honestly, it was a huge game. And the three hits were just amazing too.

It’s a shame the Comerica Park Miggy Milestone tracker was not mobile. It would have spun all night. He single-handedly in his first three strokes, pulling him within six of 3,000 for his career.

BOX SCORE: Tigers 4, Royals 2

“I just try to focus every stroke, every lane,” Cabrera said. “Just try not to put pressure on myself and go from there. Just go out and make something happen.”

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