The Detroit Lions will host Pitt’s Kenny Pickett on a pre-draft visit

Dan Campbell wants an immediate start to the No. 2 pick in the April NFL Draft, but that doesn’t stop the Detroit Lions from hosting one of this year’s best quarterback prospects on a pre-draft visit.

Lions will host Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett at their training facility in Allen Park next week, NFL Network reported.

Pickett is a potential top-10 pick and is considered the most pro-clear caller in a draft without a clear No. 1 quarterback.

Lions return, starting quarterback Jared Goff and backups Tim Boyle and David Blough, but have an uncertain future at the position after 2022.

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Pitts Kenny Pickett may become the first quarterback selected in the 2022 NFL draft.

Goff had a choppy first season in Detroit and is considered by most to be a bridge to the position. The Lions can get out of his contract with limited consequences for the salary cap after this season.

Both Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes have expressed confidence in Goff, 27, but neither of them has committed to him as their long-term future in the position.

While it is unlikely the Lions will take a No. 2 quarterback based on Campbell’s comments, the second-year coach left the door open for that opportunity when he met with beat reporters last week.

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