The best (and worst) April Fool’s joke for gaming in 2022

A picture of a horse herd buddy in the room.

Picture: Innersloth

April Fool’s Day is finally upon us, or as our British editor John Walker likes to call it: “International Lying Day.” Never fear, readers. We Kotaku Bloggers are aware of any messages that seem a little too good or too strange to be true. Not me though. Some April Fools are too good to be true does not mail – and many of them are genuine. Here are some of the ones I saw in the wild:

Sonic Frontiers collector’s edition

Today, Sonic’s official Japanese account tweeted the details of a collector’s edition of Sonic Frontiers. It includes a wooden bathtub, a Sonic print towel, a waterproof Sega Genesis, a non-waterproof Game Gear and a rubber duck. If it were genuine, it would sell for just over $ 260. Alas, our dreams of playing a Sega Genesis in the bathtub may never come true.

Goat simulator musical directed by Steve-O

Goat simulator already sounds like just a fantasy, but the official account took it a step further. The poster notes that the film accepts open casting calls, but do not expect your audition to go anywhere. It’s not something personal. You can watch a short trailer on Tiktok. All this said, PR told Coffee Stain Studios Kotaku“As history has proven, with Goat simulator everything is possible. If the internet demands it, then we deliver! ”

Genshin impact announces playable Abyss Lector

Hoyoverse knows that a significant portion of the fandom wants to kiss the evil Abyss Lector, and they are not afraid to exploit the thirst for the influence of April Fool’s. Today it is official Genshin impact Twitter account retweeted a stop-motion video from their official fanworks account showing “gameplay” of an adorable chibi Abyss Lector. Players previously met the so-called “Enjou” during the Enkanomiya event, where he captured the heart of the community by being a massive flirt. Unfortunately, Abyss Impact is unlikely to ever be played.

Among us decides to “horse around”

Innersloth must be stopped. This year is Among us developers not only reused an old joke about horse herdsmen, they also fully committed to bit. From now until 20.00 eastern time you can play a special “Horse Mode” by updating to the latest version of the game. It has a “neigh” kill sound made by Innersloth’s programmer and a new kill animation for cheaters. While the rest of us might ask “Why?” Among us asks us “Why not?”

Cookie Run: Kingdom turns cookies into hotties and oldest creatures

Originally seen by Polygonthe mobile strategy RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom was about to turn its cookies into … well, humans. That’s apparently what counts for bizarre when your game is about cocoa and raspberry cakes. To be fair, some of the transformations are a lot more strange appearance.

Fire emblem: Three houses Tea set

I’m asking video game companies once again not to falsely advertise things that I actually want. I’m crushed on telling you that official Fire emblem: Three houses tea set was unveiled today on April Fool’s Day. ‘ The set includes a beautiful gift box, a sweet teacup and saucer and blends of all types of tea in the game. Intelligent systems, I will never forgive you for this.

A short hike‘s badminton condition

This is what I like to see: a joke that becomes something that I could play in real life. To play A short hike with up to 99 friends you can download the creator’s multiplayer mod klø for free. The developer will not support the mode forever, but he encourages players to host the mod on their own server. The mod will have server support for two weeks.

Corsair’s one-touch mechanical keyboard

Corsair “announced” the CORSAIR K1 RGB today. No matter how “technologically advanced” K1 is, I do not think anyone will be able to play Elden Ring with it. Just to be extra cheeky is the key used primarily in the video “F.” So you may not be able to jump or move around, but you will at least be able to show your respect.

Twitch adds meme-y streaming categories

Have you ever wished you could more easily watch your favorite content creators eat pizza, read quietly, spend twenty years in character creation, complete duties, or stream without a microphone or sound? I’m sorry to disappoint you. Twitch posted these categories as April Fools’ jokes, meaning they are unlikely to be upcoming features on the platform.

We continue to update this list as more companies submit their jokes.

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