That’s how the Packers like to set their table

So close, but then, so far away.

Dennis of Beavercreek, OH

I was hoping for Jarvis Landry, but the Sammy Watkins deal is worth it. Getting a good vet for $ 4 million is really good. Do you think we got a good deal because it was just before the draft? I often thought that this time the team would benefit, and right after the draft the player would benefit.

It was an epitome of a Packers move. Whether it was Ted Thompson or Brian Gutekunst at the controls, Green Bay never likes to be painted into a corner with the “need” to go into an NFL Draft. They like to have opportunities. While Green Bay still need to throw out a receiver or two, the Watkins offensive gives a low-risk veteran with high ceilings. As I said after MVS’s departure, it would be helpful to get a veteran to take some of the burden off of the young recipients in September and October. Watkins is that guy, especially when it comes to regular season openers. So Watkins’ signing did not surprise me. That’s how the Packers like to set their table.

Just a comment … I’m hugely happy that GB has 11 choices this year. Of course I believe in quality first, but quantity must also be there. The mention that Miami has only limited choices, the earliest in the third round, makes me glad that GB does not have that problem. How can teams like Miami ever really become elite teams with only four picks? Talk about signing FAs right now and putting all your eggs in one basket! How can they even hit a goalkeeper in the draft?

Draft selection is the currency of the NFL. Although money does not buy happiness, you can do a lot with it. Having fewer choices means less flexibility. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (See: 2021 Los Angeles Rams), but the future may look bleak if the investment does not pay off.

Nick from Springfield, MO

As a Packer fullback in Chiefs’ territory, I’m excited about the Watkins signing. My brother is a big Chiefs fan and was very disappointed that they did not keep Watkins for a few years back. His reasoning was Watkins’ ability as a block in open space. With Lazard and Watkins on the edge, the RBs are going to have a huge year and will be thrust into my big fantasy draft. Great signing, Guty!

That’s another plus for Watkins. He’s a great athlete, but he’s not afraid to get his jersey dirty either.

Michael from Puerto Morelos, Mexico

The Watkins signing seemed to be happening fast. It probably did not anyway. Does the Packers send a team representative to interview or train a veteran player before picking them up? Do players usually pay for their own plane ticket? How does it work in general, or are they all different?

The Packers brought Watkins for a visit on Thursday, which I assume most was a formality to give him a quick tour of the facility and check some boxes at his doctors.

Tyler from Cross Plains, WI

I can see that the list of players who participated in the draft was released, does that tell you anything about who is expected to be selected in round 1? I saw that there were two QBs on the list, maybe they were told they would be drafted in round 1? I know, especially this year, I would not accept the invitation if there was a chance I would slip out of the first round and be that poor guy with the camera in my face all day 1-2.

Do you offer a free ticket to Vegas and the option to take a ferry to the center of the Bellagio Fountain? Sign me up. I would wait all three days for that. I could not care less about the wait. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb endured long waits and that has not affected their NFL careers. If anything, it has probably helped.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

Sammy Watkins seems to mark several types of boxes: He is a deep threat in line with MVS. He is also a veteran WR signing a one-year deal that fits the narrative of the relief pitcher prototype that appears to be trending in the league. For as much as we talk about Davante’s greatness, it’s hard not to look at deals like Desean Jackson and similar players who have been given low-risk deals and can produce when the system and QB are good.

The price tag on premium players is at a record high level, but there are also solid veterans making a few mill right now. For a receiver like Watkins, it just takes a big year to be back in the mix to get a bigger deal – just like De’Vondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas did last year.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

I feel like team overs at WR (Randall Cobb, Amari Rodgers and Allen Lazard) are all more slot and jet-motion type receivers. Cobb and Rodgers because of size and rudeness and Lazard for his blocking abilities. Does Sammy Watkins fall into the same category, and if so, which of the four is best suited to line up outside? Which guy in the draft would best fit, in size, to play the opposite of your choice? I really like Jahan Dotson and his ability to produce with subordinate QB games.

Lazard and Watkins are probably the two perimeter options out of these four, though both have worked a lot inside. Sometimes people forget that Watkins is not a little guy. He hovers just around 6-1, 211 pounds. The Packers need an all-around receiver from this year’s draft, but the good news is that there are several solid candidates, Dotson among them.

Good morning, West. Do you think Sammy Watkins will be asked to join special teams? It could be either as a shooter or punt / kick return. Thanks.

I do not think. He has only played four snaps on special teams in his NFL career, none of them since 2017.

Steve from Land O ‘Lakes, FL

An observation about Christian Watson. He is already used to wearing GB colors.

I know there are a lot of Packers fans who would love nothing more than Watson and Alec Pierce finding their way to Green Bay. It would definitely give the media and fans a lot of grammatical issues with Watkins now here too. And shout out to Bill Huber, too. I was not aware that Watson’s father was a former Packers draft pick (Tim Watson, 1993).

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