The West’s Economic War Against Russia Is Imperiling the World

An extraordinary feature of the Ukraine crisis is the way it has imperiled three other “global goods”: efforts to address climate change, energy security, and poverty. Under the impetus of the total economic and financial war against Russia, as the French foreign minister described it, the West is now committing to a set of measures … Read more

Russia’s Putin says Western sanctions have failed War news between Russia and Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the barrage of Western sanctions against Russia due to its invasion of neighboring Ukraine has failed. Putin said on Monday that the West “expected to quickly disrupt the financial and economic situation, cause panic in the markets, the collapse of the banking system and the lack of shops”. … Read more

Russia hits Lviv, preparing for attack in eastern Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia bombed the western city of Lviv and several other targets throughout Ukraine on Monday in what appeared to be an intensified attempt to sharpen the country’s defenses while building its own forces into a larger one. land offensive in the east. At least seven people were reported killed in the … Read more

Live updates | Putin: The West’s sanctions ‘blitz’ have failed

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin says the barrage of Western sanctions against Russia has failed. Putin said on Monday that the West “expected to quickly disrupt the financial and economic situation, cause panic in the markets, collapse of the banking system and shortage of stores.” He added that “the strategy of the economic flash … Read more

Syrian fighters ready to join the next phase of the Ukraine war

BEIRUT (AP) – During a visit to Syria in 2017, Vladimir Putin praised a Syrian general whose division played a crucial role in defeating rebels in the country’s protracted civil war. The Russian president told him that his cooperation with Russian troops “will lead to great successes in the future.” Now members of Brig. Gen. … Read more

Governor: Missiles in the western Ukrainian city kill 6

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russian missile strikes on the western Ukrainian city of Lviv have killed six people and wounded another eight, the regional governor said. Maksym Kozytsky said there were four attacks, three of which hit military infrastructure facilities and one hit a tire repair shop. He said emergency teams were putting out fires … Read more

Ukraine’s forces in Mariupol defy Russia’s demands for surrender or death War news between Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers stranded at a steel plant in the shattered city of Mariupol have ignored a Russian surrender-or-death ultimatum as Moscow appeared ready for a strategic victory in the southeastern port city. The fall of Mariupol, the site of a relentless seven-week siege that has reduced much of the city to a smoking ruin, would … Read more

The pope calls Easter for peace in Ukraine, and mentions nuclear risk

VATICAN CITY (AP) – On what is believed to be Christianity’s happiest day, Pope Francis pleaded on Easter Sunday for peace in the “meaningless” war in Ukraine and in other armed conflicts raging around the world, expressing concern over the risk of nuclear war. “May there be peace for war-torn Ukraine, so severely tried by … Read more

The weapons sent to Ukraine and why they may not be enough | Russia-Ukraine war

Ukraine has surprised the world by stopping Russia’s invasion. Most of the world was horrified when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to attack its neighbor in late February. The new professional Russian army was expected to make great progress, its reputation for efficiency not yet achieved but assumed. However, the Ukrainian resistance was … Read more

Russia strikes Mariupol, hitting other cities in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russian forces hit a huge steel plant holding the last pocket of resistance Sunday in Mariupol, a city in southern Ukraine that has been under siege for six weeks and whose capture would help Moscow plan a full-scale offensive in the east of the country. When the last Ukrainian fighters in … Read more