Russia fires missiles across Ukraine, cements gains in east

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russian forces were seeking to swallow up the last remaining Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Luhansk region, pressing their momentum after taking full control Saturday of the charred ruins of Sievierodonetsk and the chemical plant where hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians had been holed up. Russia also launched dozens of … Read more

Ukrainian army leaving battered city for fortified positions

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – After weeks of ferocious fightingUkrainian forces have begun retreating from a besieged city in the country’s east to move to stronger positions, a regional official said Friday, the four-month mark in Russia’s invasion. The planned withdrawal from Sievierodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, comes after relentless Russian bombardment that … Read more

The AP Interview: Estonian PM says Russia not weary of war

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) – The West should not underestimate Russia’s military capabilities in Ukraine, Estonia’s leader told The Associated Press, saying that as the war enters its fifth month, Moscow’s forces are in it for the long haul. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said in an interview Wednesday that Europe should ensure that those committing … Read more

‘It’s just hell there’: Russia still pounds eastern Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia’s military kept on grinding down Ukraine’s defenses Monday, with combat in eastern areas said to be entering a “decisive” phase, as the war’s consequences for food and fuel supplies increasingly weighed on minds around the globe. In Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region, which in recent weeks has become the focal point … Read more

Vladimir Putin Rival Mikhail Kasyanov Warns of Sinister Twist in Russia’s Master Plan of War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging a devastating war in Ukraine for over three months now. But if Ukraine falls, he will not stop there, Mikhail Kasyanov, who served as Putin’s first prime minister, said in an explosive new interview on Monday. “The Baltic states will be next,” Kasyanov, who now serves as the … Read more

India, China growing markets for shunned Russian oil

NEW DELHI (AP) – India and other Asian nations are becoming an increasingly vital source of oil revenues for Moscow despite strong pressure from the US not to increase their purchases, as the European Union and other allies cut off energy imports from Russia in line with sanctions over its war on Ukraine. Such sales … Read more

The AP Interview: Sri Lanka PM says he’s open to Russian oil

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) – Sri Lanka may be compelled to buy more oil from Russia as the island nation hunts desperately for fuel amid an unprecedented economic crisisthe newly appointed prime minister said. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would first look to other sources, but would be open to buying more crude from … Read more

A Judgment Day Is Coming For Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian advisers have been arguing in recent days that they do not want to cede any territory to Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine. And though that view is widely held in Ukraine, they could be digging themselves into political quicksand. Zelensky’s position, which he and his advisers have … Read more

Ukraine pleads for weapons as 100-200 soldiers die a day

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day in the war with Russia, and only more and more advanced Western weaponry will reduce the casualties, turn back the Russian offensive and force Moscow to the negotiating table, an adviser to Ukraine’s president said. Mykhailo Podolyak told the BBC in an … Read more

Ukraine: 100-200 soldiers die daily, new plea for more arms

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are being killed every day in Russia’s military onslaught, according to an adviser to Ukraine’s president – and only more and more advanced Western weaponry will turn back the Russian offensivereduce the casualties and force Moscow to the negotiating table. Mykhailo Podolyak told the BBC in … Read more