Moscow threatens NATO member Lithuania over transit ban on goods to Russia’s European exclave Kaliningrad

Lithuania’s decision to ban the transit of certain goods between Russia and its isolated exclave of Kaliningrad has provoked wrath among top officials in Moscow, and even a threat of retaliation against the European nation. Kaliningrad shares land borders with two NATO nations, Lithuania and Poland, but not Russia. Captured from Nazi Germany by the … Read more

Russia again cuts natural gas exports to European countries

PRAGUE (AP) – Russia reduced natural gas to Europe again Friday, including cutting flows by half to Italy and Slovakia and completely to France, as countries have worked to ease their dependence on Russian supplies amid the war in Ukraine. It marks the third day of significant reductions to the fuel that powers industry and … Read more

UK’s Johnson: Russia taking ‘heavy casualties’ in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday on a surprise visit to Kyiv that “all the evidence” points to Russian forces “taking heavy casualties” in their ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Johnson also promised continued military aid and training on new military equipment. He did not detail the equipment. “We are with … Read more

In energy-strapped Europe, coal gets a Greek encore

By DEREK GATOPOULOS June 16, 2022 GMT KOZANI, Greece (AP) – At Greece’s largest coal mine, controlled explosions and the roar of giant excavators scooping up blasted rock have once again become routine. Coal production has been ramped up at the site near the northern Greek city of Kozani as the war in Ukraine … Read more

EU sues UK over move to rewrite post-Brexit trade rules

BRUSSELS (AP) – The European Union sued Britain on Wednesday over its move to rewrite the trade rules agreed to when the country left the EU two years ago, ratcheting up tensions between the major economic partners. Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government proposed legislation that would remove customs checks on some … Read more

India, China growing markets for shunned Russian oil

NEW DELHI (AP) – India and other Asian nations are becoming an increasingly vital source of oil revenues for Moscow despite strong pressure from the US not to increase their purchases, as the European Union and other allies cut off energy imports from Russia in line with sanctions over its war on Ukraine. Such sales … Read more

Russia, Turkey back plan to export grains; Ukraine doubtful

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Russia and Turkey voiced support Wednesday for a safe corridor in the Black Sea to allow Ukrainian grain exports, but Kyiv rejected the proposal, saying it was not credible. The European Union accused Moscow of “weaponizing” food supplies to gain an advantage in the war. Russia also demanded that Ukraine remove … Read more

China’s Russia deals irk US, but do not breach sanctions

BEIJING (AP) – China’s support for Russia through oil and gas purchases is irking Washington and raising the risk of US retaliation, foreign observers say, though they see no sign Beijing is helping Moscow evade sanctions over its war on Ukraine. Beijing’s importance as a lifeline to Russian President Vladimir Putin rose Monday after the … Read more

High prices, Asian markets could blunt EU ban on Russian oil

BRUSSELS (AP) – The European Union’s groundbreaking decision to ban nearly all oil from Russia to punish the country for its invasion of Ukraine is a blow to Moscow’s economy, but its effects may be blunted by rising energy prices and other countries willing to buy some of the petroleum, industry experts say. European Union … Read more

In big bid to punish Moscow, EU bans most Russia oil imports

BRUSSELS (AP) – In the most significant effort yet to punish Russia for its war in Ukraine, the European Union agreed to ban the overwhelming majority of Russian oil imports after tense negotiations that tested how far the bloc is willing to go to ostracize Moscow. From the moment Russia invaded on Feb. 24, the … Read more