Europe turns to coal as Russia squeezes gas supplies

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has warned that the situation is going to be “really tight in winter” without precautionary measures to prevent a supply shortage. Ina Fassbender | Afp | Getty Images Reduced flows of Russian gas and the specter of a full supply disruption have prompted some European governments to reconsider coal, one … Read more

Elon Musk Pegs July for First Orbital Launch of Starship

Starship is designed to carry astronauts and cargo to the Moon, and maybe even further destinations like Mars.Photo: SpaceX Yesterday, Elon Musk said Starship will be ready for its first orbital launch next month, followed by monthly liftoffs from the company’s south Texas base. It’s an ambitious timeline, but the private space company has not … Read more

Monkeypox Is Getting a New Name, WHO Announces

Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez (Getty Images) An emerging disease is set to get a new coat of paint. Officials at the World Health Organization announced this week that they will soon choose a different name for the disease known as monkeypox — one intended to avoid the stigmatization and inaccuracy of its current moniker. The … Read more

Inside the MARVEL micronuclear reactor project at Idaho National Lab

Nuclear reactors have a well-earned reputation for being massive construction projects that frequently run into cost overruns. Plus, once they are eventually constructed, monitoring and maintaining them takes a staff of dozens of trained experts. But Yasir Arafat believes nuclear power does not have to be this way. Arafat is the technical lead of the … Read more

Call for urgent action as Australia faces biodiversity crisis | Environment News

Conservationist Gregory Andrews has warned Australia’s biodiversity is the “worst it’s ever been” and that the new Labor government will have to work hard to address the damage done to the environment. As an Aboriginal Australian from D’harawal Country, Andrews feels driven to care for his country’s land and biodiversity. He was appointed Australia’s first … Read more

Air pollution takes 2 years off your life, more than smoking or alcohol

Smoke hangs over the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California, US, on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020. Powerful, dry winds are sweeping across Northern California for a third day, driving up the risk of wildfires in a region thats been battered by heat waves, freak lightning storms and dangerously poor air quality from blazes. … Read more

UN chief slams new fossil fuel funding

In remarks delivered to the Austrian World Summit in Vienna via video, Antonio Guterres issued a sobering assessment of the planet’s prospects. “Most national climate pledges are simply not good enough,” he said. Michael M. Santiago | Getty Images News | Getty Images The UN Secretary General has slammed new funding for fossil fuel exploration, … Read more

Many baby formula plants were not inspected because of COVID

WASHINGTON – US regulators have historically inspected baby formula plants at least once a year, but they did not inspect any of the three biggest manufacturers in 2020, according to federal records reviewed by The Associated Press. When they finally did get inside an Abbott Nutrition formula plant in Michigan after a two-year gap, they … Read more

Rice prices are rising amid rising food inflation, export bans

The spider web rice fields in Flores, Indonesia. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization Food Price Index shows international rice prices creeping up for the fifth straight month to reach a 12-month high, according to the latest May data published last week. Tanutkij Wangsittidej Food prices have been on the rise in the past … Read more

NASA Says a Tiny Space Rock Has Impacted The James Webb Space Telescope

In its new home far from Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope maybe is not quite as alone as it seems. The pocket of space occupied by the telescope is not a total vacuum – and now the inevitable has happened, with a tiny piece of rock, a micrometeorite, colliding with one of Webb’s mirror … Read more