‘Superfly’ star a ‘serial rapist’ who ‘lied’ about Drake: Prosecutor

Superfly Actor and rapper Kaalan Walker once “manipulated” a 16-year-old girl to film an impromptu sex tape in his apartment building while her mother, who thought her daughter posed for head shots, was waiting outside, a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday in closing arguments . at Walker’s serial rape trial in Los Angeles.

Walker was 22 years old at the time and allegedly told the girl he could introduce her to the famous rapper Drake if she just followed in his footsteps, Deputy Prosecutor Cynthia Wallace said, adding that Walker doubtfully named Drake with most of the 10 young and naive Jane Does, whose accusations substantiate his accusations of crime.

“There’s no evidence that he had any connection to Drake. It was just one thing he used to lure the girls into. It was a trap, a cunning, his way of getting these girls,” Wallace says. Rolling stones.

In a speech to the jury, Wallace said that when Walker separated the teenage girl from her mother that day in 2017 and began asking about her career desires, he grabbed the girl’s dream of becoming Victoria’s Secret model.

“We need to take more provocative pictures. We need to sexualize you a little bit, ‘” Walker allegedly said to the girl as he convinced her to take off her underwear, Wallace said.

“He talked about Drake and took her to a Drake party. What does he tell her? ‘Well, you know what? If you want to do all these things, if you want to be at parties with Drake, if you want to be a Victoria’s “Secret model, do you know what we’re going to do? We have to film a sex tape,” Wallace said. “He’s a 22-year-old man who says to a 16-year-old girl, ‘We need to film a sex tape.'”

The girl testified during the six-week trial that she resisted “several times,” but Walker “does not take no for an answer,” Wallace said.

“He keeps insisting, pushing and persisting, talking over her,” and eventually the girl toiled down until she finally gave in, Wallace said. “She said, ‘Well, I thought,’ He knows all these people. He wants to help me. ‘ I thought what I was doing would help my career. ‘

Wallace said the law is clear that a child’s consent is “never” a defense against statutory rape. “Minors do not develop as emotionally and mentally as adults do, and we know that,” Wallace said. “That is why children are protected from adult men. You do not have to work much on them. You promise them a few things and you get a naked 16-year-old girl who will let you in from behind. ”

“He manipulated her and distorted her dreams, manipulated her into sex,” Wallace said. “He used her for his own pleasure, and then he discarded her and her dreams.”

Walker, 27, faces up to life in prison if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty to five counts of forced rape – one related to another minor – two counts of rape with an intoxicating substance, two counts of statutory rape, one count of sexual assault by force and one count of violence. Two charges related to an 11. Jane Doe was dropped during the trial after the alleged victim refused to testify, prosecutors say. Rolling stones.

Walker’s defense attorney, Andrew Flier, is due to make his closing argument Thursday. He said during the opening statements last month that Walker may have been a lying Lothario, but he never forced anyone into sex.

“They fell for his BS. That’s what this case is about. He made false promises, and they fell for it, and now it’s time for revenge,” Flier said when the case began on March 8. “They gave up their integrity and their bodies, and that’s why they’re here despite it. It’s a refund to Mr Walker. “

According to Wallace, Walker’s first crime in the case was the forced rape of a 16-year-old victim in 2013. Walker allegedly contacted the girl online and offered her $ 5,000 to appear in a music video. After the girl took a train to meet him and thought she would sign a contract, Wallace raped her while she lay and cried, believing her life was in danger, Wallace said.

“She did not expect to lose her virginity in this way,” Wallace told the jury. “This memory and this trauma clings to her forever.”

Wallace said the “Achilles’ heel” in Walker’s defense is the alleged victim who was raped in a parking lot outside a Tyga show at the Belasco nightclub in Los Angeles in January 2014. The woman testified that she got too drunk on a party bus to win. admission to the show and was led to a car by someone who promised to help her but eventually raped her. The woman had no idea who her assailant was before she got a rape investigation, and the DNA in her vaginal cavity matched Walker, Wallace said.

While Walker claims that his prosecutors have given consent to sex because they wanted to exploit his fame and industry connections, Wallace said the woman who was raped outside the Tyga show was too drunk for it. And no matter what, the attack was before Walker showed up Kings with Halle Berry in 2017 and played gang member Juju in Superflyan action film from 2018 produced by rapper Future as a remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film Super fly.

Walker, who is out on bail, listened to Wallace’s concluding argument from a defensive table and often leaned over to confer with Flier through a plexiglass partition. He testified in his own defense for several hours during the trial, Flier said.

“He did a little show,” Wallace told jurors Wednesday, arguing that Walker “deliberately lied” at the booth, even when he claimed he did not know his youngest victim was 16. “He memorized those lines, as an actor does, to lie to you. “

Wallace showed jurors a text message that one of the alleged victims sent to Walker, saying, “I’m interested in modeling. I’m 16 and I’m 5’5.”

“It’s rock solid,” Wallace said.

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