Preview of MTG Streets of New Capenna: Ziatora’s Broadcast

Screen Rants exclusive MTG Streets of New Capenna preview card is Ziatora’s Envoy, an exceptionally powerful midrange creature with high upside.

Magic: The Gatheringnext set, The streets of New Capenna, sees the iconic fantasy property visit a world unlike any other it has previously focused on. New Capenna is an airplane dominated by crime families and a drug called Halo, which is a lucrative currency among those fighting for power, and the taste of the set has captured the art-deco, dingy vibe.

Perhaps the most exciting part of The streets of New Capenna is the way to redefine a few three-color combinations that have been present in Magic: The Gathering for years. Black-Red-Green, popularly known as Jund, has been a “good stuff” -focused archetype for a long time, but the introduction of Riveteers gives it a new spin with a little more focus on speed while still looking for value. The new Blitz mechanic is an ingenious marriage between Rveteers’ red basic identity – which goes fast, is passionate – and the black-green, “grind it out and get some value” approach to deck building.


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Screen Rant is exclusive The streets of New Capenna the card is Ziatora’s envoy, an exciting 4 mana card that offers a huge amount of benefit to players who are capable of doing harm with it. The Blitz mechanic certainly helps with that right away, but just throwing the card and connecting with it multiple times seems like a viable method of winning games, especially in slower formats like Standard and Limited. Take a look at Ziatora’s envoy in all its glory here:

Ziatoras_Envoy_DA (1)

Ziatora’s envoy is a lot of value packed in one card. At 4 mana it is 5/4 statline and trample keywords already make it a bit better than average for its mana value. That’s before considering that for an extra mana, players can Blitz Ziatora’s envoy out, deal damage quickly, and then sacrifice it as part of the Blitz mechanic and draw an extra card.

The main feature of this The streets of New Capenna however, the preview card is wedged between its mechanical keywords. In a game that simply wants to gain value with powerful cards and sharpen opponents with a mix of answers and threats – a very Jund philosophy, to be completely honest – Ziatora’s envoy seems to thrive. If it’s towards the top end of a card game’s curve, it’s almost always worth a free card, whether it’s an extra landfall or creating a 0-mana formal. If it is in a middle class deck full of powerful threats, even when it does not spike a card it can play for free, it will add a card which can then become a threat in itself.

This mix of effects is a potent design, and one that could easily make this creature a 4-of-a-kind strategy in Standard. Tramp with 5 power means that a creature needs at least 3 hardness to block this and hope that an opponent hits a card with a mana value of 3 or higher – not a simple question by any means, especially for control strategies while piles trying to go under this card will probably not be interested in blocking or unable to do so with enough statistics to make sense.

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Overall, the Ziatoras Envoy is an explicitly powerful MTG card. Overpaying its Blitz cost makes a lot of sense, but also gives it tremendous value as a top deck in a simplified board mode that lets players attack during a top deck war and get one card from the trigger and another from its Blitz victim. This The streets of New Capenna Preview cards are not something people need to sleep on, and players may get used to seeing this creature’s face – there’s a good chance it’s popping up for months to come. Riveteers fans have found a stick on top of the already powerful Ziatora, and it will be an exciting time when The Capenna will be released later this month.

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Magic: The Gathering The streets of New Capenna will be released on April 29, 2022 globally.

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