Pamela Anderson received support from her sons during her Broadway debut

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Pamela Anderson got a lot of support on her big night.

The actress, 54, was showered with love from her two sons, Brandon, 25, and Dylan, 24, during her first show on Broadway.

Anderson made his musical debut starring Roxie Hart in “Chicago” Tuesday night. The show will be performed until June 5 at the Ambassador Theater.

Pamela Anderson received support from her two songs during her Broadway debut in “Chicago.”
(Photo by Bruce Glikas / Getty Images)

At the curtain call, Anderson was pictured with a bouquet of red roses, and her costume consisted of black fishing nets and a black jersey.


“From ‘Baywatch’ to Broadway. I’m inspired by the unexpected,” Anderson told the Associated Press in March. “That’s it, and I will not hold back any longer. I let go. I’m ready to see what I’m capable of. For ‘Chicago’ I will put all my cards on the table. I double down – on me.”

The musical takes place in the 1920s and is a heartbreaking satire on how showbusiness and the media make celebrities out of criminals. It features Bob Fosse-inspired choreography, thin outfits, and deadly songs such as “All That Jazz” and “Cell Block Tango.”

“Chicago” tells the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife and dancer who murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to leave her. To avoid conviction, Roxie hires Chicago’s smartest criminal lawyer to help her fool the public, the media and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by creating shocking headlines.

Pamela Anderson stars as Roxie Hart in the limited screening of

Pamela Anderson stars as Roxie Hart in the limited edition of “Chicago.”
(Photo by Bruce Glikas / Getty Images)

“Pam is a very moral person, extremely moral. She cares about animals. She cares about the planet. She cares about humans,” said producer Barry Weissler. “The difference between her as Pam and Roxie is that Roxie does not care about anyone but herself, and she does not care about the outside world as long as she can be famous. So Pam comes up with totally opposite qualities in life, but she fits in because of her fame, what she’s been through in life. “

Anderson had a breakout role on “Home Improvement” as a “Tool Time Girl” before gaining global attention for playing CJ Parker on “Baywatch.” Her credits include “Barb Wire” and “Superhero Movies.”


There has been renewed interest in Anderson’s life story thanks to the Hulu series “Pam & Tommy”, which features Lily James as Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee and fictionalizes their whirlwind romance. Anderson also announced this month a new authorized documentary about her life on the way from Netflix.

Weissler said he had approached Anderson about the Roxie part over a decade ago, but their schedules did not work.

Anderson received a bouquet of red roses at the curtain call after open evening.

Anderson received a bouquet of red roses at the curtain call after open evening.
(Photo by Bruce Glikas / Getty Images)

“Now that we do, it’s even more opportune. It’s more timely. She really stands for something now – as a professional, as an activist, as a very talented lady. She can surprise a lot of people. The woman has She can definitely dance , and her singing voice is pretty good. So now we’re on.


The celebrity heroine in the heart of “Chicago” has been played by dozens of women since the show opened in 1996, including Melanie Griffith, Christie Brinkley, Marilu Henner, Brooke Shields, Lisa Rinna, Gretchen Mol, Ashlee Simpson, Brandy Norwood, Jennifer Nettles and Robin Givens.

The revival has managed to last a quarter of a century thanks to the expert decision to cast celebrity replacements in all the main venues – basically asking famous artists to participate in a musical about the venality of celebrities – and shape the show according to their strengths.

Anderson poses during a photo call for his Broadway debut in

Anderson poses during a photo call for his Broadway debut in “Chicago” at The Civilian Hotel in March.
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images)


Just some of the other stars who have participated in the show include Sofia Vergara, Paige Davis, Rita Wilson, Usher, Huey Lewis, Michael C. Hall, Jerry Springer and Billy Zane. A 2002 film version starring Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Queen Latifah and Richard Gere.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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