New seafarers Frazier, Winker, Rodriguez talk about ‘electric’ home atmosphere

The Mariners’ home opening in 2022 could not have gone better for the club.

Frazier, Gonzales leads the Mariners past the Astros 11-1

After a 3-4 road trip where the team handled some extreme weather and cold bats, the Mariners returned home Friday night in front of a sold-out crowd, playing 11 runs against defending American League champion Houston Astros in a resounding 11-1 victory. In addition to the bats coming alive, Marco Gonzales rebounded from a tough two-inding, six-run play last weekend to throw seven innings of one-run ball against Houston.

I mentioned the sold out crowd and it was definitely a highlight of the game for the team, especially some of Seattle’s newest players.

Three guys who played their first home game (or game in general) at T-Mobile Park all contributed to the victory in Adam Frazier, Jesse Winker and rookie Julio Rodríguez. Here’s a bit of what the three had to say after the fight over their performance and the atmosphere provided by the sold-out audience.

Adam Frazier

In a game where a pitcher throws seven innings of one-run ball against a very good team as well as the eight out of nine hitters in the winner’s lineup gathering a stroke, it can be difficult to nominate a player in the game.

But if that distinction goes to a member of the Mariners’ lineup, it’s Frazier who picked up four hits and four RBIs while scoring twice. Two of Frazier’s hits went to extra bases, and he ended the night with a home run under the bike.

Frazier was happy to see some hits fall after a slow start to the year through the season’s first seven games.

“Honestly, I’ve been looking,” he said. “I made a couple fall early and then, I do not know, I waited them out, I guess the last few strokes and got the barrel to the ball. It felt pretty good and hopefully I can build on that. “

This was just the second game Frazier has ever played at T-Mobile Park, and because of both his performance and the energy that the sold-out audience brought, it’s an evening he will soon forget.

“It was really fun. The audience was electric tonight. It really helps us,” he said. “I suppose we were able to give them a few hits to build on, and Marco did his thing and it was also a lot of fun. But yes, (the fans) came with the electricity tonight and it was a lot of fun to play in front. “

“This is what you dream of doing is playing in front of how many there are. That is what you get up to and are locked in to, ”he added.

Jesse Winker

Not only had Winker never played a game in T-Mobile Park before Friday night, he had never been to the city of Seattle.

Safe to say, Winker, who got two hits, two walks, an RBI and a run, had a memorable first night in Seattle.

“It was a great atmosphere. It’s a special place, and you can feel it,” he said. “It’s my first day ever in Seattle, and you can see that it is (special). It’s really, really cool to be a part of it, and I’m really happy to be here. ”

Winker hopes the energy from Friday’s audience is a regular occurrence throughout the 2022 season.

“I know it’s only our first match here, but fans can really carry you through a season, especially when it’s getting started and the matches are starting to pile up and months are starting to happen,” Winker said. “The fans and their energy they bring, it can really carry you and can really help you build momentum. What happened tonight, it was a special atmosphere. (Tonight was probably my favorite mood game I’ve played in. It was really cool. ”

Winker joined the Mariners about a month ago from Cincinnati. He said being in Seattle and getting the first home game of the road would let him “officially start to settle down.”

“Until then, there is just an expectation of what to expect. It is a new city, it is on one side of the country that I have never lived before, ”he said. “But everyone who’s been a part of this organization my whole baseball career, and it just shows the kind of people (that are) here. They have welcomed me, and that’s what has really helped me and my family the most, is how easy the transition has been.Now I feel like I finally got the first day of the road and we can just move on and I can learn this city and find out all my coffee shops and places I would like to eat now. ”

Julio Rodriguez

Rodríguez had a quite eventful day last Friday.

Not only was it the rookie’s first home opener, but he had the honor of capturing the ceremonial first pitch from the upcoming Mariners Hall of Famer – and finally Baseball Hall of Famer – Ichiro Suzuki, who in full uniform fired a ball to Rodríguez behind the plate.

“It was probably the hardest first pitch I’ve seen in my life, to be honest. It was very cool,” Rodríguez said.

What did the legendary Mariner’s right fielder tell the rookie after the pitch?

“He just said to me, ‘Let’s go.’ And I told him I would go,” Rodriguez said.

So what was it like playing in T-Mobile Park for the very first time?

“It was amazing,” Rodríguez said. “I really loved the atmosphere with all the people there. It was even better than I had imagined, honestly.”

Rodriguez was in T-Mobile Park late last year during the Mariners ‘playoff push when he received Alvin Davis’ “Mr. Mariner” award. So how was the atmosphere on Friday compared to the atmosphere at the end of last year?

“It was like that, honestly. It had the same vibe,” he said. “It was a packed stadium, (had) the whole vibe going on. It was a great feeling to play here.”

Rodríguez wasted no time in picking up his first shot at his home stadium as he hit a single left field in the second inning. Rodriguez also scored a run and worked a turn in the match.

“It felt great. It felt great just to take it off the road. It felt really good,” he said. “(To do it) in front of the home crowd, it was really cool.”

Rodríguez also had one of the best seats in the house for Gonzales’ fantastic night.

“I told him the other day that when he’s on the pitch, he looks great from the midfield,” Rodríguez said. “How he kept hitting his spots all the time and made it hard for the batsmen, I told him he’s amazing. It’s pretty good to see.”

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