New EV version of the iconic and popular VW Bus will soon be available for American families

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After almost 20 years, Volkswagen Bus is making a comeback! Recently, Volkswagen unveiled the look of the new VW ID. Buzz, which is a repetition of the iconic Bus and is ready to make waves when it hits the floors of the showroom.

For almost a decade, VW has been teasing about the icon’s return, with the latest tease coming in 2017 as a retro-inspired bid for the new EV. Much of the hip styling was transferred to the upcoming 2024 production model.

ID Buzz is a big thing because it is ready to take advantage of a segment of the electric car market that has been relatively untouched so far – the family market. Car and driver noted that ID. Buzz will also not be an exercise in terms of function.

Mens ID. Buzz’s styling is a modern update of a typical nostalgic look from car history, ID. Buzz’s real claim to fame is its hollow and configurable interior – which you should be able to check out at Volkswagen SouthTowne within the next year.

Here are a few of the highlights of the upcoming Volkswagen ID. Sum:

Spacious interior for the family

Buses have always been primarily passenger car drivers and ID. Buzz continues that tradition with its spacious interior. The American model will have three rows and seating for seven, with tons of cargo space at the rear. The European model is the shorter wheelbase version of ID Buzz that the US will receive and has 40 cubic feet of cargo space as reported by Car and Driver.

The front seats are very adjustable and put the driver in a classic, upright sitting position. Because there is no engine under the bonnet, the interior boasts ample space for all passengers who defy its smaller than expected exterior proportions.

In it. Buzz EV is the sixth new SUV Volkswagen has planned for the US SUV-loving market. As proof that they could excel in the SUV industry, Volkswagen launched the Atlas in 2018, followed by a redesign of the Tiguan, a smaller version of the Atlas called the Atlas Cross Sport, and then launched the all-new Taos and ID.4 EV in 2021

New EV version of the iconic and popular VW Bus will soon be available for American families
Photo: Volkswagen SouthTowne

EV range, power and charging

In addition to its comfort and size, Volkswagen has planned ID. Buzz to go the distance. As with all electric vehicles, range is an important consideration for buyers – especially if you take your family around. Although details have not been confirmed for the US market, Car and Driver reports, “The company has only said that the battery will be larger than the 77 kWh package that powers the upcoming European model. We expect the US ID. Buzz will “have a range of at least 260 miles per charge. VW reports that those who connect a DC fast charger will be able to charge from 5% to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.”

Built on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform, ID. Buzz shares its foundation with the Audi e-tron crossover and Volkswagen’s ID.4 crossover. Volkswagen has confirmed that the base model will have a single rear-mounted electric motor that provides 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. However, you can expect a two-engine, four-wheel drive setup with about 300 horsepower to be available close to its launch time in the US

A great value

The Kelley Blue Book reports that the average price of a new car in 2022 is over $ 47,000. Several reports, including car and driver, estimate the ID. Buzz will be priced around $ 40,000 – less than the average new car price. Pricing information has not been released, but given Volkswagen’s history of offering competitive values, especially with their new ID.4 EV, US customers should expect the same ideology to be transferred to the new ID. Sum.

New EV version of the iconic and popular VW Bus will soon be available for American families
Photo: Volkswagen SouthTowne

Can be custom built and pre-ordered

As with ID.4, Volkswagen expects SouthTowne ID. Buzz will be available on a booking platform. “We have hundreds of customers who have custom-built their ID.4 directly from our website,” said Josh Osborne, Volkswagen SouthTown’s general manager. “Our customers are eager to get their hands on this electric vehicle as soon as possible, so we know they’ll love the ID. Buzz EV too.”

In it. Buzz will be produced in Hanover, Germany, while Volkswagen moves its ID.4 production to Chattanooga, Tennessee near the end of 2022. “We are really excited that ID.4 is being moved to America because we believe we will have more of these incredible electric cars to offer our customers,” says Osborne. “We look forward to offering our guests who want to go electric with more options.”

The return of the Volkswagen bus in EV form is exciting, and it seems to be unlike anything else on the road. If you are interested in learning more about the ID. The buzz folks at Volkswagen SouthTowne are here to help. Contact them today or visit their website.

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