‘My anchor, my world’: Victims of the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv have been laid to rest

The three victims of last week’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv were laid to rest Sunday afternoon in separate funerals.

Tomer Morad and Eytam Magini, two childhood friends of 27 years and originally from Kfar Saba, were buried in a cemetery in the city.

Morad’s funeral started at 3.30pm and was attended by hundreds of people who came to pay their last respects.

Morad’s girlfriend, Ariel, struggled to hold back her tears as she talked about him.

“[He] was my heart, my anchor, my world, ”she said during his funeral. “You are everything to me. My body is shaking, it is weak, and my heart can not understand. We are not really separated today, we will be there for you forever. We have the greatest, purest love – no one can ever accept, “she said.

Morad’s sister, Tal, described his brother as a “wandering ray of sunshine,” adding that he was “full of humor.”

Family and friends attend the funeral of Tomer Morad, who was assassinated in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, in the cemetery of Kfar Saba on April 10, 2022. (Tomer Neuberg / Flash90)

His brother, Omri, had moved to the United States a few years ago. “I’ve been looking for a picture of us, and everything I can find is so old,” he said. “Pictures from 10 years ago pouring salt on my wound. I missed you. “

Morad’s military commander said he was always an example to others.

“Tomer was a professional, always had this inner peace to him. He was a commander that soldiers would follow. I promise you your family will never be alone. You will always be a part of us, ”he said.

“We had so many plans,” a close friend told Morad. “You were always a chef and always enjoyed having people pass by … every conversation with you was enlightening. Thank you for a long friendship.”

Family and friends attend the funeral of Tomer Morad, who was assassinated in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, in the cemetery of Kfar Saba on April 10, 2022. (Tomer Neuberg / Flash90)

The funeral of Morad’s close friend, Magini, who was killed along with him in Thursday’s attack, was held at the same cemetery at 4:30 p.m., after Morad’s service.

“We will forever remember you as a friend, a partner who knew how to connect people in an artistic way,” said Magini’s father Eyal.

“You were like a magician walking among us, you knew how to accommodate and respect everyone. You were a great conversation partner, a friend and a great partner,” he added. “It’s so sad that you were taken from Ayala, your fiancé, and from all of us at such a young age. “I promise everyone will remember what a wonderful person you were. I will love you forever until the day I die. “

Magini’s sister, Noah, said: “My Eytam, my big and only brother. I’m speechless, I can not believe it. We will continue to be together forever. You have always protected me and I promise to protect mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. “

Ido, a close friend of Magini, said he was the “glue” that held the friends together.

Kfar Saba Mayor Rafi Saar attended both Morad and Magini’s funerals and expressed his condolences to the families.

Barak Lufan, a 35-year-old father of three who was critically injured in the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv on Thursday night and died of his wounds the next day, was laid to rest in his hometown of Kibbutz Ginosar at 5.30pm on Sunday.

As he gathered Sunday morning at a vantage point overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee in the kibbutz, his widow, parents and friends shared their grief and talked about the unbearable loss.

“No one has ever had anything bad to say about him,” said his widow Dana. “He was a good person, someone who knew how to take care of things, always cared about others.

“Barak is my other half, my best friend. I can only wish others the partnership I had with Barak, ”she added.

“We have three adorable children,” said Dana, “Yuval, who is 5 and a half, Amit, who is 3 and a half, and Dor, who is 5 months old. Barak waited so long for him and always said he would become one [kayak] beets, there was no other option. “

Lufan was the coach of the Israeli Paralympic team and the head coach of the Israeli kayak national team.

Gili Lustig, secretary general of the Israeli Olympic Committee, said the news of Lufan’s death had been “a huge grief”, adding that he had initially hoped that Lufan would survive the critical damage he had suffered.

Lustig’s mother, Behira, described her son as “a strong athlete”, but said that “as strong as he was, it was not enough.”

She added that the family “will stick together, we will be strong. We will keep Dana safe and continue to be an open house that welcomes everyone.”

The family and friends of the late Barak Lofen speak to the press outside the Lofen family’s home, in Kibbutz Ginosar, on the west shore of Lake Gennesaret, April 10, 2022. (Michael Giladi / Flash90)

Lufan’s childhood friends described him as someone who excelled in everything he chose to do.

“He was the best son any parent could ask for,” said his friend Shlomi. “The best friend anyone could ask for, the best man, the best father. He did not even know it. He always had that shy smile on, he never cared about diplomas and respect. He was bigger than life, and I was never realize how much it was until this moment. “

Police and rescue workers at the scene of a deadly terrorist attack on Dizengoff Street, central Tel Aviv, April 7, 2022. (Avshalom Sassoni / FLASH90)

The shooting attack on the Ilka bar on Dizengoff Street killed three and injured over 10 other people. The terrorist, 28-year-old Jenin resident Ra’ad Hazem, fled the scene and triggered a night-long manhunt, keeping Tel Aviv on the brink, with over 1,000 police and soldiers searching the streets. Hazem was shot and killed in a gun battle after being spotted by security forces early Friday in Jaffa.

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