Morning Report: Aljamain Sterling responds to Dana White saying Petr Yan should have won at UFC 273: ‘It’s a slap in the face’

Last Saturday, Aljamain Sterling got silence on his haters by beating Petr Yan in the co-main event of UFC 273. Or at least he should have done so. Although he was a heavy underdog in his rematch with Yan, Sterling came out looking significantly better than in their first match and managed to sweep the first three rounds on two referees scorecards, earning a split decision victory. But despite Sterling doing what he told everyone he wanted to do, some have still criticized his performance, including UFC President Dana White, who said he thought Yan should have been awarded the decision. And although “The Funk Master” did not like to hear it, he was not so surprised either.

“Dana’s always going to throw dirt on my name, that’s just what he does,” Sterling told “I think he’s rated Yan so highly, he’s such a dangerous guy that he was really, really shocked, to get the grabber to do it against him. Especially after the first fight, because he thought enough that I also had no chance in hell to win that fight. ”

“It’s boring to be him right now in the sense that you really wrote me off after everything you’ve seen me do in this sport, in his organization, it’s a slap in the face, but in the end does it does not bother me. I think it bothers him more, obviously because he does not know how to judge a match, which it shows. I think he might let his feelings come before him, “And that’s probably it. He was probably really invested in Yan winning that fight, and I threw a monkey key into their plans.”

White was not the only person who thought Yan should have won the match. Yan himself immediately argued against the decision, and former judge “Big” John McCarthy was also extremely positive towards Yan, with Sterling reacting specifically to “big stupid John”. Things are clearly a little different for Sterling with Dana White, as White remains his promoter, and Sterling did not make sure he and White have a fine personal relationship, although their business relationship can be strained at times.

“It’s happened in the past, more so the business aspect of things,” Sterling said. “When it comes to outside the Octagon, when we’ve talked, it’s super cordial, I’m super polite, he’s super polite, and he’s always sweet to me. We’ve always had good conversations, but when it comes to fights , he does not really like that kind of grapplers unless you are Khabib. ”

But White may have to get used to liking Sterling. Now with two wins over Petr Yan, the bantamweight champion is likely to be a favorite no matter who he fights next time, and with a performance he gave last Saturday, Sterling definitely deserves to be.

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