Moon Knight gets the review bomb for alleged propaganda

Knights of the Moon experienced great praise from critics before the release and the audience seems to agree. With only one episode out in the open, the premiere has teased how Egyptian mythology will play into the series. The powers of the Moon Knights are famously descended from the god Khonshu, but Ethan Hawke’s villain Arthur Harrow seems to have an interest in another Egyptian legend.

Harrow proved to have a large following in his cult, worshiping the Egyptian deity Ammit. The mythological God allegedly believed in convicting people of their crimes before committing them, and monitoring their entire lives. Hawke’s antagonist appears to have done this himself when he killed an elderly woman who was apparently convicted of being a sinner.



In his explanation of the legend of Ammit, Arthur Harrow referred to several historical events, including Hitler’s regime, the Armenian genocide and more, one of which has led to Knights of the Moon review gets bombed online.

Moon Knight review bombed for historical reference

Knights of the Moon has been bombarded with negative one-star reviews on IMDB due to the prime minister’s recognition of the Armenian genocide, a historic event that the Turkish government still denies the extent of.

Armenian genocide
Armenian genocide

The Armenian genocide involved the killing and deportation of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire during World War I from 1915 to 1917. The total death toll is said to be between 600,000 and 1.5 million, but the Turkish government still calls the deportation of the Armenians to be a legitimate act that cannot be considered genocide.


The Turkish-Armenian historical event is mentioned by Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow as he lists the historical tragedy that the Egyptian deity Ammit could have prevented if she had been free:

“Had Ammit been free, she would have prevented Hitler and the destruction he carried out. Nero, the Armenian genocide, Pol Pot.”

IMDB review bomber shared a wealth of one-star ratings in response to the reference, with one user claiming “there is no Armenian genocide” and shares his exhaustion for “lies and ignorance:”

“Stop telling lies
There is no Armenian genocide, in historical ignorance. Are you all illiterate or something else? Do you never read a real historical document? We are really, really and really tired of your lies and ignorance. That’s really enough. “

Another passionate reviewer described Knights of the Moon as “expensive shit propaganda garbage” and proposed target groups “see something else:”


“Another expensive shit propaganda garbage
It’s like a Netflix propaganda series, but more expensive and more political. Do not waste your time with this shit and see something else. Penguin documentary would be better. “

A review called for the series “racism and slander of a nation” and referred to a “special efforts in recent years to slander a nation and a society:”

“A bad series
There are too many scenes that contain elements of racism and slander of a nation. There has been a special effort in recent years to slander a nation and a community. “

A quarter of the many reviews criticized American film history for “[pumping] false historical information ” and what he calls “False ‘Armenian genocide’ b * … t:”

“Pumps false historical information
Today, the American film industry may like to pump false historical information about the false “Armenian genocide” b * … t. It is clear that the Armenian lobby is working hard and influencing this false information all over the world. This title is yet another part of this lobbying effort, nothing more. Strong thumbs down! “

How did the review bombing hit Moon Knight?

Review bombing has become an increasingly common practice in recent years, which is unfortunate as it is rarely a reflection of actual quality or criticism and tends to be used to push an agenda. The suicide group was bombarded with negative reviews from Zack Snyder fans while Eternal was criticized for his inclusion of an LGBTQIA + relationship.


The actual reviews for Knights of the Moon seems to be as positive from the audience as early reactions were from critics. Disney + viewers continue to praise Oscar Issac, the cinema, the storytelling, the characters and almost every element of the series.

IMDB Moon Knight reviews

IMDB’s current graph of ratings makes a full rating by far the most popular choice, with 7,448 voters sharing their love of the series so far. While similarly there is a sharp push in the lower viewership numbers, most of which stem from the review bombing, some shared a legitimate lack of enjoyment for the episode.

With the reference to the Armenian genocide probably contained in the first episode, Knights of the Moon can see an increase in rating as more episodes pass and more legitimate reviews continue to balance the average.


First section of Knights of the Moon streams now, exclusively on Disney +.


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