Mock Draft 2.0: Multiple Trades Helps 49ers Solve Multiple Key Needs

It’s mock draft season. This fake draft was made using The Draft Networks simulator. I expect the 49ers to be aggressive in the 2022 NFL Draft, so I was aggressive in acting three times to help the 49ers get the best value out of their draft picks. The 49ers put together a solid free agency to set up the best available player. With nine elections to come, the 49ers may look very different in 2022.

Disclaimer: Draft Network does not properly display the 49ers’ later draft picks and does not have the team that originally owns nine picks. The choices below are based on the choices they have made for San Francisco.

In round two, the 49ers choose a guard / center Dylan Parham. Why should the 49ers draw another guard in round two? The answer is simple: To red-shirt the player and get him used to the 49ers way. They did so in the 2021 draft and selected left-back Aaron Banks out of Notre Dame. Parham is another type of player. Do not let his size fool you. He is 6’3 “, 311 lbs, and can move mountains at both guard positions and as a center. Parham ran a 4.93 40-yard line with a 1.74 10-yard split. His three-cone drill was a 7 , 78, and he ran a 4.7 in the 20-yard shuttle at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Although he struggles to allow some pass-rushers to get into his frame, Parham can anchor down to counter the bull. He allowed ten pressure in 2021, two quarterback hits, eight rushing yards and zero sacks. Parham can start day one, but do not have to. He would be the perfect replacement for starting center Alex Mack.

In round three, the 49ers pick out DeAngelo Malone, a defensive end from Western Kentucky, with pick No. 93. Malone is 6’4 “, 239 pounds and has 33 1/8” arms. Malone only made bench press on the NFL Scouting Combine, putting up 23 reps and placing in fifth place among the edge rushers. He ran a 4.56 40-yard dash at 20 miles per hour wind and a 7.0-second three-cone drill on Western Kentucky’s pro day. Malone ended his season with 94 tackles, nine sacks, four forced fumbles and four passes. He was Conference USA’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2021.

Malone can also line up for other positions in the defense. According to Pro Football Focus, Malone recorded 18 snaps in the box, three in the opening and one in the outside corner position. The 49ers could use Malone’s speed on the outside. He has a perfect bend and can get around outside. He is not the best at stopping running, but he could develop markedly as a choice in the third round. Malone has active hands and plays great. Bring him in on third downs and he will get to the quarterback.

Trade warning

The 49ers trade with the Cleveland Browns, swapping election No. 105 for election No. 118 (fourth round) and 246 (seventh round). The 49ers also deal with the New York Jets, sending election No. 134 (fourth round) and a fifth-round pick in 2022 in exchange for election No. 117 (fourth round). How will the 49ers use their fourth-round pick if they keep the best player motto intact?

In the fourth round, the 49ers pick out Khalil Shakir, a broad recipient from Bosie State. Despite the news of All-Pro wide receiver Deebo Samuel, the 49ers could look to add a player with the same type of versatility. Shakir can line up inside, outside and in return. He was amazing at Combine. Shakir is 6’0 “tall and weighs 194 pounds. He ran 4.43 in the 40-yard dash, jumped vertically 34.5 inches, jumped 124 inches, jumped 7.28 in three-cone drills and 4.21 in 20 -yard shuttle.In 2021, Shakir had 114 goals with 77 receptions, 1,117 yards, seven touchdowns and 14.5 yards a reception.Put Shakir in the box and it’s a win-win.

With pick # 118, choose the 49ers wide receiver Alec Pierce from Cincinnati. Why should the 49ers choose back-to-back recipients? For they can, and they must, if this opportunity presents itself. Alec Pierce is 6’3 “, 211 pounds and has 33-inch arms and 9-inch hands. He has a catch radius of 148.5 among the wide receivers in this draft class. Pierce ran 4.41 in the 40-yard line., A 7.13 in practice with three cones and a 4.28 in the 20-yard shuttle.He lacks the speed to play in the castle, but he is fast and plays big runs down the field.His large catch radius allows him to compete for 50-50 balls Pierce finished the season with 74 goals, 48 ​​receptions, 791 yards, seven touchdowns and 16.5 yards per reception.If Trey Lance is the starting quarterback, the 49ers will have a player who can stretch the field vertically.

Trade Alert

The 49ers traded with the Chicago Bears, passing pick No. 175 (fifth round), 187 (sixth round) and 246 (seventh round) in exchange for pick No. 150 (fifth round) and 186 (sixth round). The 49ers moved up and it only cost them a pick in the seventh round.

In round five, the 49ers pick out Cole Turnera tight end from Nevada, with pick No. 150. Turner is 6’6 “and weighs 246 pounds. He ran 4.76 in the 40-yard line, 7.06 in the three-cone and 4.41 in the 20s – Turner finished the season with 93 goals, 62 assists, 677 yards and 10.9 yards per carry. He can line up across the board but saw most of his success in the field. catches goal for Lance.Turner’s jumping ability allows him to win the 50-50 balls.

In round six, pick # 186, the 49ers choose running back Ty Chandler out of North Carolina. The 49ers lost their speed back, Raheem Mostert, to the Miami Dolphins in free play. The 49ers get another one with Ty Chandler, who ran 4.38 in the 40-yard dash, third fastest among all running backs. Chandler ended the regular season with 1,097 rushing yards, 13 touchdowns and a fumble. He has 33 games plus ten yards and his longest run from the scrimmage line was 60 yards. In the receiving game, Chandler had 17 goals, 14 receptions, 211 yards and a drop. He has strong hands out of the backfield and he would be a bonus to have in the Kyle Shanahan attack. He may not be as elusive as some of the running backs in the draft, but he has proven he can be the bell for any offense.

In round six, No. 220 is chosen, 49ers choose Markquese Bell, security, out of Florida A&M. Bell can play strong and free security. He finished the season with 86 tackles, four forced fumbles, an interception and two touchdowns. Bell is 6’2 “and weighs 212 pounds. He ran 4.41 in the 40-yard dash and 4.43 in the 20-yard shuttle. Bell will provide support to stop the race. He plays aggressively and has a good outburst.

In round six, No. 221, 49ers are elected Kalon Barnes, a defensive back out of Baylor. Barnes is the fastest defensive back in the draft and he clocked in with 4.23 speeds in the 40-yard line. If elected, he would be a bonus to the special team unit right away. Barnes can become the best shooter in football. He has the speed to get on the defense if he seems to allow receivers to get past him. We saw this in Ambry Thomas during his rookie season with the 49ers. Barnes ended the season with 21 tackles, an interception and five passes. He was targeted 30 times and allowed 15 receptions. Barnes has the length and athleticism and looks like 49ers defensive back Dontae Johnson in size. Barnes could give the 49ers a boost of speed.

In my second mock draft, I became aggressive in trading three times. I look forward to mock draft 3.0 coming soon. The results will vary depending on how the board falls. The draft network does not have draft choices as high as choice 262, so I drafted only seven choices in this fake draft. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

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