Is the UFC playing with fire with Khamzat Chimaev? – Nine unanswered questions from UFC 273

Why was the fan-voted bonus available more than an hour before the event?

While I was looking at the UFC website around noon. 17.20 ET Saturday, I noticed that there was a link to vote for tonight’s fan bonus. My interest aroused, I clicked on it. The link opened to a page that allowed me to vote for three fighters, and that was what I did. I voted and was asked to confirm my email address. I did. I was then told that “Your vote is in!” Again, it was more than an hour before the event was to begin. Maybe this was a first time issue, but the idea that fans could vote on bonuses before the event begins does not instill confidence in the entire fan bonus system.

Are the UFC still paying fighters $ 10,000 for their first fights?

Following his victory over Mickey Gall, Mike Malott announced that he would donate his $ 10,000 show money to GoFundMe, which was set up to contribute to the cost of caring for the daughter of one of his cohorts on Team Alpha Male while she fights stage 3. lymphoma. Malott’s contribution was admirable and his prayer was fervent. The outflow from the MMA community since he asked for help has been overwhelming and positive.

However, I would be forgiving if I did not point out the fact that the UFC has boasted of raising the fighter salary over the last many years while keeping the base salary for fighters at $ 10,000. Until the UFC starting salary provides a viable salary for these professional athletes, the promotion has no room to pat itself on the back. None.

What’s next for Kay Hansen?

Kay Hansen will not turn 23 until August. She is a talented but green fighter who tries to do too much too soon. Hansen teaches on the job in the best promotion of mixed martial arts in the world. It’s unfair to her. For the sake of her development, confidence and future as a fighter – she is at a loss in three fights after UFC 273 – the promotion should send her down a competitive level and let her work on her skills, her confidence, her weight cut and herself in a couple of years. The UFC did this with Angela Hill for a four-match in 2016. The promotion should do the same for Hansen.

What was Aspen Ladd and her team thinking?

If you were wondering why Aspen Ladd did not pursue a takedown with gusto before the third round of her match against Raquel Pennington, you are not alone. Ladd and her team fought for Pennington’s forces in the first 10 minutes of the match. Ladd lost those rounds. When Ladd went after the takedown in the third round – and secured it – she won the round.

Ladd’s corner has been judged before and they deserve criticism again for how they handled this match. Ladd allowed Pennington to dictate and lead in the first two rounds, and it cost her every chance to win.

Ladd is now 1-3 in her last four outings and she can be served well by changing some of the team she has behind her.

Is Ian Garry deserves the hype?

The jury is – and should remain – out on Ian Garry. I’m not sure how much of the hype behind the young Irish fighter is based on hope and how much is based on potential upside. Right now I would say that most of the push the 24-year-old is getting is built on the hope that he will become the next Irish star for the promotion.

Garry has talent and confidence, but he is also a work in progress. There are gaps in his game and he’s still evolving (again, only 24) and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What stood out to me was Garry’s post-fight talk to UFC commentator Jon Anik. During that conversation, Garry said, “It’s an experience, but like I said before, I’m not perfect yet, I’m getting there. Nobody went into this octagon perfectly. It’s work, work, work. Every fight becomes we’re better and that’s what I want to do and I’m 9-0 now … “

It seems like Garry has a good mix of confidence and self-awareness, and it makes me believe that the future will be bright for this young fighter.

What is Mackenzie Dernis upward?

The 29-year-old Mackenzie Dern returned from a decision loss in October to Marina Rodriguez with a split-decision victory over Tecia Torres at UFC 273. Where Dern was once just known for her fighting skills, she has evolved into a true mixed martial artist . Dern seems to get better and more confident in every outing, and that’s really all one can ask for from a fighter.

Its battle has progressed by leaps and bounds. If there’s one thing she needs to work on more, it’s using the striking to set up her grappling attacks. It seems like Dern is hitting or fighting. She needs to get to where she beats and fights and does it through muscle memory. Dern has an amazing coach in Jason Parillo and I suppose we will see more progress from her in her next outing.

Why is “show and win” pay still a thing?

Okay, I know the answer to this question is because the UFC has convinced the mentally ill and misled that fighters are trying harder if they get more money for a win. I also know that this was, is and will always be a lie. There is no one standing in a locked cage thinking, “sniff it, I have a full payday on the way, I want half ass against this person who wants to inflict a great physical damage on my body and brain.” It is not something that has ever happened, though the UFC would like us to believe that it happens during every single fight.

With that, there was some praise thrown by UFC President Dana White when he said he would award Gilbert Burns his show and win money for the fight he fought – in a losing effort – against Khamzat Chimaev. That praise was undeserved, instead White and the UFC deserve condemnation for the way they exploit the UFC work pool. The UFC’s salary structure is a farce built on a lie.

Is the UFC playing with fire with Khamzat Chimaev?

If the pre-match talk becomes a reality after the match, the UFC will book Colby Covington vs. Khamzat Chimaev in what I assume will be a battle for the elimination of welterweight titles on ABC. It seems like a risky proposition.

Chimaev may be a big thing in MMA, but right now he’s still a big thing in MMA. If the UFC throws him into a major event on a larger network, and some of the big non-MMA media players start digging into Chimaev’s seemingly cozy relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov, it could turn into a PR nightmare for the UFC, ESPN and Disney.

Prepared Aljamain Sterling‘s victory lap?

I have a feeling that Aljamain Sterling’s interview after the match with Joe Rogan was only the beginning of what is going to be a very high victory round for Aljamain Sterling.

Sterling gave his doubters a profane ear after the match and deserved it. Sterling held up a year of BS from fans and other fighters since winning the title via disqualification in 2021. On Saturday night, Sterling won a split decision over interim champion Petr Yan and united the bantamweight titles. With that, Sterling deserved the right to call himself the undisputed champion, and from the sound of things, he was aware of most of the smashes against him before Saturday night.

Sterling leaned into his haters between his DQ victory at UFC 259 and his decision victory at UFC 273 – and why not, he would not influence these people by being cute – I expect him to continue to do so, but with extra action after his victory.

UFC 273 took place at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The motherboard streamed on ESPN + the following prelude to ESPN and early prelude to ESPN +.

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