I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 again – and I’m still not impressed

I have never been shy about my love of gadgets and other technology related things. For better or worse, one of my favorite technologies that I like to check out is smartwatches. I keep trying new ones to hopefully find the one that will finally be as much as possible right, which is why I was so excited about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – until I was not. But the nerd in me felt like I was missing something, so here I am with the clock again.

A shot at redemption

Quick story: I bought the regular Galaxy Watch 4 when it first became available in 2021. However, it only took two weeks to use it to realize that I had been very let down – so I returned it. Now, if we wind up until a month ago, I felt like I might be so hyped up over what the watch could be that there was no way it could deliver on that voltage. After some consideration, I decided to buy a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to try it again.

The Galaxy Watch 4 was supposed to be the thing that finally made the Wear OS laptop a must-have device – it was and is not.

Part of my disappointment with the Galaxy Watch 4 lay in the hardware. Not the overall product, but in the capacitive rotating frame. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was the first portable device from Samsung that used a touch-sensitive bezel as a navigation option instead of the physical variant of previous watches. Unfortunately, I found that the implementation on the new smartwatch was just as useless as it was on Active 2 – this was one of the factors to buy the Classic model my second time.

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

Even when Samsung put its internal OS Tizen on its smartwatches, it made some of the best Android smartwatches on the market. This was one of the main reasons why I would try its Wear OS watch again. Samsung’s hardware and software hacks are too good in its smartphones for the Galaxy Watch 4 to fail so hard – I felt it needed another shot.

Immediately when I held the Watch 4 Classic, its impressive hardware struck me. There is no rattling or feeling that it is hollow; it feels significant. Oh, and the physical rotating frame is so damn satisfying to feel the click as it rotates, just like clicking the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The joy of using the rotating frame continued to navigate the software.

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

Unfortunately, as far as Wear OS 3 is concerned, it still feels the same as before. Everything about the user interface is complete Tizen, it has not changed and I did not necessarily think it would have. But the watch still misses some important Wear OS features that other watches like my favorite TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra have. It seems that Google still has too many of its portable eggs in Samsung’s basket.

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