Horoscope for the week of April 10, 2022, Weekly horoscope

Overview: Make a wish! Tuesday will be a rare adjustment between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – once in a lifetime, actually! – make us remember that most of our lives, as the author David Cameron Gikandi puts it, are the images of our minds that are expressed. Jupiter controls our imagination / vision, while Neptune is our spirituality / belief. These two planets coming together help us choose images that can be expressed in our lives. So have faith, hope and vision when you want to see them manifest!

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Keep the faith, Aries! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Pisces-controlled spirituality zone will have you cultivating hope, faith, and vision in the unknown. It’s not every year you get a birthday wish once in a lifetime, so be specific, brave and faithful in terms of your best scenarios. May all your dreams of new beginnings and exciting chances come true!


Put the municipality together, Taurus! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fish-ruled friendship and cooperation zone transforms your platonic relationships. You will feel even more connected to and supported by your ride-or-dies. Exciting new friendships, mentorships and opportunities that come from belonging to a community will be yours in no time.

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Get up and shine, Gemini! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fishing-controlled career zone wants your most specific and confident visions for your work, life purpose, and all the ways you want to share your gifts and talents with others. You do not have to worry about “how” it will happen. Focus on the “who” you want to be and the “what” you want to do!


Expand your thinking, Cancer! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fishing-controlled wisdom and education zone will have you considering the possibilities of many more possibilities. That way, your curiosity will lead you to exciting new opportunities, campuses and countries that will give you the knowledge you need to change something in your life that you want to see transformed!


Reveal, do not hide, Leo! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fish-ruled intimacy zone will have you practicing what relationship therapist Esther Perel calls “into-me-see.” It is necessary to share your inner hopes, fears, longings and desires with people who really need to hear it. You will receive self-revelation when you reveal yourself. You will be reborn through this courageous act of truth-telling!


Opposites really attract, Virgo! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Pisces-ruled romance zone helps you find attraction, relationship potential, and even commitment to people who are very different from you, but who can expand your world. This is the time to tell the universe what kind of romance, love and affection you both want to receive and give.

The weight

Those are the little things, Libra! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fish-controlled wellness zone will have you starting with a small behavior change. Whether it’s incorporating a mindfulness routine, limiting notifications on your phone or drinking water every morning, this connection can transform your life. The little things can bring great results!


Stand on your holy ground, Scorpio! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Fishing-controlled self-confidence and counter-zone wants you – like other scorpion Dr. Brené Brown says, “do not puff up or shrink – stand on your holy ground.” Commit to behavioral strategies that help you stay grounded in self-confidence and regulate perfectionism, comparison, and shame.


Welcome home, Sagittarius! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Pisces-ruled home, family, and emotional security sector will have you facing all the people and places that keep your heart safe. If you have been thinking about moving and / or healing your relationship with your family, this is the time to take care of ancestral wounds and move on together.


Expand your language, expand your world, Capricorn! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Pisces-controlled communication zone will have you using the language as a way to open up new possibilities and new opportunities. Review your relationship with communication and see how it helps or hinders your progress. So be open to the universe that shows you how to expand your world through communication!


What does “safety” mean to you, Aquarius? Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your Pisces-ruled safety, economy, and embodiment zone will have you aware of a new version of safety. From financial considerations to putting your values ​​into practice by living into them, this miraculous transit helps you anchor down and gives you the gift of security where you need it.

The fish

You’re a miracle worker, Pisces! Tuesday’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is in YOUR sign. This transit once in a lifetime wants to make your dreams come true. Keep all the love, faith, vision and optimism in your heart and tell the universe exactly who you want to be, what you want to do, what kind of results you want in your life. May all your wishes come true!

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