Gabe Kapler does not care about the unwritten rules

Gabe Kapler is here to ruin your jugs' arms.

Gabe Kapler is here to ruin your jugs’ arms.
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The officers who drove MLB’s unwritten haulier car last night were Bob Melvin and Eric Hosmer of the SDPD. Padres’ manager and first baseman respectively took a problem with a bundle single from the Giants’ utility man Mauricio Dubón in sixth inning with San Francisco on nine runs.

Here’s what Hosmer said he told Dubón after the playand one can only assume that his tone was as condescending as the quote suggests it was.

“I definitely told him how I felt, how we felt about it. He said it was a sign given to him by their staff. I just told him I think you should be a little wiser in “You’re obviously playing professional ball for a long time if you’re at that level. You have to be smarter than that.”

Of course struggling Manager Gabe Kapler was asked about it after the match and his answer was basically, I’m here not only to beat teams but to grind the pitching staffs down to dirt so they before the last match in a series have to full innings. with recorders.

Here is the full offer if you are at work and do not have your headphones in.

Our goal is not solely to win one match in a series. It’s to try to win the whole series. Sometimes it means trying to get a little deeper into the pen of the opposition. I understand that many teams do not love that strategy. And I understand why. It’s something we talked about as a club before the season and that we were confident about going forward with that strategy. It is not to be disrespectful in any way. It’s because we feel very cool and strategic. It’s the best way to win a series. When I say cool, I mean calm. We are not emotional about it. We’re not trying to hurt anyone. “

Before you say “Yes, but …” remember who you’re dealing with here. Kapler is the reigning NL Manager of the Year. His team won 107 games in 2021, a year in which Vegas set their preseason over / under win totaling 73. He is familiar with the strategy, and the Padres may disagree with Kapler’s “I do not care, I want to rob my mother of to win a regular season series “, but he is” comfortable “with it. He may not think it’s “fat” in the context of how he said it, but I do.

Burning through weapons has become a hotbed of controversy, so the Giants manager says he is actively trying to do so, showing a breach of the game’s integrity sacred to the Covenant on the unwritten rules. (The robot analysts are already constructing a statue in Kapler’s honor, and that part of it hurts me. I fall into the category of people who get a kick out of unrepentant play.)

Here are a few solutions for San Diego, next time this happens: Do not let the other team run up the score, or trot a third baseman out to the mound and get him to throw BP until all 27 outs are recorded.

The first option is certainly harder to pull off than the second. That said, if you want to cancel the San Francisco lineup that depletes your bullpen, use the same calculated approach against them and kill innings with an arm that means nothing. Even though it looks like it would extend the length of the game, have you seen a home run derby then? If you are willing to throw a gentle stream of meatballs across the plate, you will get pop-ups and painted balls pretty quickly enough.

Padres was down nine runs in the sixth inning. They did not get stuck, they tried to get back to the hotel. If Melvin did not want his team further embarrassed, the saving queen would have lost the rest of the game and tried again the next day.

It did not go so well for Coach Buttermaker in the Bad News Bears, but that team turned out well despite his alcoholism and racism. San Diego’s quarrel over the unwritten rules was as frivolous as Walter Matthau’s just before he fell intoxicated during training.

Kapler’s reasoning, on the other hand – it was the kind of “I go after your neck” strategy that fans praise Bill Belichick for. I hate to say “This guy is an evil genius,” but it boiled it down to Thanos snap-level simplicity. Bravo.

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