Emily Simpson hopes the ‘RHOC’ reunion will explain the Dubrow party

Emily Simpson hopes the “Real Housewives of Orange County” season 16 reunion will clarify questions about what really went down to Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow’s dramatic dinner party.

“I feel like with everything that happened at Heather’s dinner party that was like episode 2 or something, I feel like there were a lot of backlash when it came to Gina. [Kirschenheiter] or me or things that happened that people are not aware of, ”Simpson, 46, tells Page Six exclusively.

“And so I feel that reunion is the opportunity to in a way give viewers more overview of things that happened that were not shown,” she explains. “So I hope there may be more things clarified regarding that evening.”

During a $ 36,000 Nobu dinner soirée, Kirschenheiter, 37, Heather, 53, informed that her longtime friend, Nicole James – a “friend of the housewives” who was also present – had sued Terry, 63, for too many years ago for an allegedly failed plastic surgery.

Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow on
At the party, Dubrows learned that their friend, Nicole James, had sued the plastic surgeon many years ago.

Kirschenheiter heard about the lawsuit from teammate Shannon Beador, who insisted that Kirschenheiter and Simpson swear to her that they would not bring it up for the camera.

The Dubrows were furious, mostly at Beador, 58.

“Here’s the thing: I feel like Shannon came out of that situation and looked like a victim,” Simpson says. “I feel like she made it look like she made this pact with Gina and me, and like, we promised not to say anything, and then we immediately turned around and told Heather it, and it was not at all, what happened.”

Heather Dubrow looks sad
They were furious at Shannon Beador, who found out about the trial and brought it to the group.

“There were other factors and other things that were happening,” she says. “And so I hope it gets clarified at the reunion. I hope there are a little more details as to why things happened the way they did.”

Despite the feeling that there were gaps in the story that were portrayed to viewers, “Simpson does not blame editing.”

“It’s only a 45 minute episode, so I understand it needs to be compressed into a smaller version,” she explains. “And a lot of times there are things that happen or conversations that go on outside the camera that the audience is not aware of, and then you react to it on camera, so sometimes it looks ridiculous.”

Heather Dubrow puts her hand up to the camera
Simpson said she felt Beador “came out of that situation and looked like a victim.”

Despite Noella Bergener’s claims that Heather was so angry that night that she hit a cameraman against a wall, sources close to the production on Page Six assure that there was no physical physical character of any kind. Heather has repeatedly denied the story as well.

So where does that leave Simpson’s relationship with Beador and Bergener? She’s not sure. Although she agrees with her co-stars that she is a bit of a “potter”, she is offended by being branded as an “evil girl”.

“If there was no s – t between the women, I would have nothing to touch!” says the lawyer.

Nicole James cries while Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow talk to her
Despite Noella Bergener’s claims, sources close to the production tell Page Six that no one was physically injured that night.

But Simpson “would never ever consider [herself] an evil girl, “tells us,” I feel like I really am the person who wants to build real friendships and real relationships with people. “

“I could see how people might think I was mean to Shannon, but I do not agree,” she adds. “I think everything I did was basically [bring up] things that were said and done on camera, so I do not feel that I was really shady. ”

Although Simpson loves the good times she shares with “funny Shannon” – like showing up on vacation and dressing up in bear costumes to scare their teammates – she feels like the “RHOC” veteran changes when the cameras are down.

“I think she’s severe and neurotic, and that irritates me,” Simpson says. “It’s like a series of emotions with her.”

Heather Dubrow lectures on Shannon Beador
Simpson does not know where she stands with Beador or Bergener.

When it comes to Bergener, Simpson feels that the newcomer, 36, is “more of a character than a person who is easy to connect with, especially when she gets very angry, very easily.”

One topic that Simpson felt she had to hear about constantly but could never question was Bergener’s messy divorce, which became the season’s primary story.

“It’s like that, if you want to talk about it all the time, then you have to be open to people who question it,” Simpson tells us, adding that she has decided to “step back and let Noella on a way navigate through it and get a better headspace. “

Emily Simpson on
The lawyer describes the upcoming finale as “fun” and “interesting”.

Not surprisingly, Simpson says she and Kirschenheiter are still as fat as twenty. In fact, the two co-hosts a fundraiser in San Diego Wednesday night in favor of the California Innocence Project.

Simpson says she could see wedding bells in her friend’s future – and a bridesmaid dress for herself.

“Gina and Travis [Mullen] would definitely like to get married, but they would like to do it when it is best for them as a family, ”she says. “And I’d better be at the wedding!”

As for the upcoming season finale – which Simpson describes as “fun” and “interesting” – she tells us she is “excited” about it because it is “different than any other ‘Housewife’ franchise has ever done.”

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