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2022 NFL Draft: Ideal top two picks for each team – NFL.com
Round 1: Nr. 15 total – Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia. Round 1: Nr. 18 total – Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame. I expect GM Howie Roseman to follow his trade with the Saints, where the Eagles abandoned one of their three first-round picks in exchange for future draft capital, by moving up this year to pick a top prospect. One of his goals could be Davis, a massive lineman who would automatically improve on one of the league’s worst running defenses. The secondary instantly becomes a strength if Hamilton dampens those who doubt his ability to consistently influence play from the safety position.

NFL Draft News and Rumors: Travon Walker, Kyle Hamilton and others – Pro Football Network
Loser: Kyle Hamilton. For more than seven months, Kyle Hamilton’s name was always mentioned as one of the best players in the draft and a lock to being a top-4 pick. I’ve never bought into that attitude, and neither have the NFL teams. Most teams currently believe Hamilton is an option in the middle of the first round and do not rank him as a top-10 player. Why the fall from grace? The fact that he is a long, sloping security with gaps in the cover added to remove the flowering of the rose. Finally, 40 times, which ranged from a best of 4.59 seconds on the Combine to a pedestrian 4.70 seconds during pro-day training, was the last nail in the coffin. This does not mean that Hamilton will not become a good player in the NFL. On the contrary, his playing style may not be sought after in the early part of the draft.

2022 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles Choose Wide Receiver to Pair with DeVonta Smith – BGN
Drake London was already selected. Williams has an injury and even though Landon Dickerson trains for us, we all remember Sidney Jones. We need someone who can come in and play right away. Any draft is a risk, and adding an injury makes it even more risky. Burks are not nearly as polished by a route runner, have a limited route tree and problems with falls. Yes, you can argue for Wilson, and I was split between the two Ohio State receivers, and I would be happy with both, but for me, Olave has done it longer. I want to go with the safest choice and for me it’s Olave. 3 straight seasons with over 700 yards in a crowded WR space and holds the record for the most receiving TDs in Ohio State history. Chris Olave was expected to attend the draft last year, but returned to Ohio State to have an even bigger year than last year.

NFC East Mixtape Vol.52: Ranking of NFC Quarterbacks – BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton and RJ Ochoa rank the 16 starting quarterbacks in the NFC. Find out who the guys have ranked as the best and worst QBs in the conference and where each of the NFC East QBs lands.

Nick Sirianni’s aggressiveness was sure to please Jeffrey Lurie, but is the Eagles coach driven by analysis? – Asks
However, the Eagles know their best long-term odds of becoming a multi-year playoff team with championship potential when they first and foremost have a dynamic passing game. From Sirianni to general manager Howie Roseman to Lurie, indications from team leaders last month were that the Eagles will deplete their resources to improve their air play. “There is nothing Jalen [won’t be able to do]said Lurie. “We just have to keep developing that offensive in every way. Time will tell, right? Nick?’s an aggressive offensive guy, and I know he feels there is so much growth in what “We can do on the offensive. And he is very positive about all the things we can do in the coming season and in the future.” Being even more aggressive is probably one of them.

NFL draft 2022: Reporters answer 32 biggest questions, including positions to target, potential trades, teams to watch – ESPN
With two selections in the first round, will the Eagles entertain the idea of ​​picking a receiver for the third year in a row? They tried to swap for Calvin Ridley before his suspension and went after free-agent receivers, signaling their desire to upgrade the position. The large cash contracts that have been awarded to veteran beneficiaries recently should further encourage teams to look for cheaper options in the draft. Sure, I think the Eagles will entertain drawing a receiver in the first round if the stars match, but I would put defensive line and defensive back as the more likely positions they will address early, with the receiver in play on day 2.

2022 NFL Free Agency: Texans sign veteran cornerback Steven Nelson to two-year deal – Battle Red Blog
Nelson, 29, will dress up for his eighth NFL season after previous stays with Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Nelson, drafted in the third round in 2015 from Oregon State by Chiefs, has used his previous seasons to start as an outside corner (often tracking the Z receiver on opposing offenses) and is likely projecting into a starting role in Houston. In 2021, Nelson recorded 50 tackles, 1 interception and had 7 passes. Outside of his rookie year, he has never had a PFF average of under 60 and has particularly excelled in running defense, as he averaged running defense grades of over 68 in 5 of his 7 years.

Making the case: How should the Giants handle the running back position? – Great blue view
The New York Giants appear to be interested in the running back position just four years after investing the No. 2 overall selection in Saquon Barkley. The Giants have reportedly had several running backs for the top-30 visits. Iowa State’s Breece Hall, Alabama’s Brian Robinson and Georgia’s James Cook were among the group, and they all expect to be selected somewhere on Day 2. New York currently has Barkley, who is playing in his fifth year of election, Matt Brieda, Antonio Williams, Gary Brightwell and Sandro Platzgummer on the list. The Giants interviewing Hall, Robinson and Cook could be due diligence, but investing perhaps a second third round or a Day 3 pick in a running back makes a lot of sense if the Giants are not willing to commit to Barkley long-semester. . It is a deep overall draft class and there are several interesting backflow options. I’m skeptical of the Giants choosing a running back at No. 36; there will be too much value on other positions. GM Joe Schoen was part of Bills’ front office, which drafted both Devin Singletary and Zach Moss in the third round in 2019 and 2020.

Justin Fields remembers Dwayne Haskins and his impact on Ohio State – SI
I actually think the Giants’ preference could be to swap out for next year with one of their picks. And I could definitely see a scenario where they take, e.g. Mississippi State, Charles Cross tackles with the fifth election, and then moves the seventh election for maybe a third party this year and a first next year. The reason why it will be difficult concerns your second question – and whether there will be a pressure point where another team wants to move up. I think Aidan Hutchinson will be gone in the first two picks and when the Giants are up to five, either Travon Walker, Kayvon Thibodeaux or both will be gone too. That would leave Jermaine Johnson available from the top row of edge rushers. And my guess is that Evan Neal and Ickey Ekwonu will also be off the board when the Giants pick, which would leave Cross out there from the top row of tackles. My guess is that if someone swaps up, it would probably be to get a guy in one of the two positions, the premium seats that have the best players in the class, and where there is real value in having a stud on and rookie contract. I might be wrong and maybe someone will love one of the quarterbacks and come and pick him up. It just seems unlikely at this point, especially so high in the draft, based on how almost everyone I talk to pans the class. Which is to say, I think there’s a difference here between what the giants might want to do and what they might actually be capable of. I think they want to swap. I do not know that there will be a legitimate opportunity to do so.

Jerry Jones suggests the Cowboys would like to trade in the 2022 NFL Draft – Blogging The Boys
It has been a relatively quiet low season for Jerry and Stephen Jones in terms of radio hits, media availability or press conference settings. Although we have briefly heard from both, today was another chance to hear them answer some questions regarding the draft. And in Jerry’s fashion, he threw a small bomb at us when asked how aggressive they could be in acting up or down the draft.

Steelers interested in signing Tyrann Mathieu if the price is right – PFT
Add Steelers to the list of teams interested in signing free agent security Tyrann Mathieu – if Mathieu will accept the contract that the Steelers offer him. The Steelers’ website posted a post saying the Steelers have an interest in signing Mathieu. The subject said, however, that the Steelers would like Mathieu to agree to an agreement on “what they think he is worth” and that Mathieu may not agree with the Steelers’ assessment of what kind of contract he should get.

4 reasons why Tyrann Mathieu should choose Rams over his other suitors – Turf Show Times
With all due respect, the Eagles, Steelers and Saints are unlikely to win their division, let alone compete for a Super Bowl title at this point. Of course, each of these teams could still improve their chances by adding to their list through free agency, NFL draft or even an unexpected trade. Meanwhile, the reigning Super Bowl champions are ready for another race at the Lombardi Trophy as one of the best teams in the league. Playing on a charged defense with Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Greg Gaines, Leonard Floyd and Bobby Wagner does not hurt either.

New accusations against Dan Snyder and Commanders could mean his downfall – SB Nation
Washington Commander owner Dan Snyder is no stranger to controversy, but the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment has now taken a turn. Evidence now indicates that the organization is manipulating its financial records in an attempt to avoid giving visiting teams their share of the revenue, as well as withholding refundable deposits from fans. Congress is now passing evidence to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A letter obtained by the Associated Press and shared by the Washington Post outlines behaviors that Congress claims may involve Snyder and the commanders-in-chief for being “engaged in a worrying, protracted and potentially illegal pattern of economic behavior that made thousands of team fans victims and National Football League (NFL). “

NFL University # 36: Derek Carr Expansion, Brady Conspiracies and Mocking 21-32 – The SB Nation NFL Show
Welcome back to another issue of NFL University! Stephen Serda, Kyle Posey and Justis Mosqueda are finishing their full first round mock draft – but before they do, Derek Carr has just signed an extension with the Las Vegas Raiders. According to a report, Tom Brady and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had a deal in place behind the scenes that would have seen Brady eventually as the Dolphins starting quarterback. Over the past two weeks, we’ve mocked picks 1-20 in the first round of the NFL Draft, so this week we end things with picks 21-32.

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