Did Tom Brady plan an escape route to Miami? | Tom Brady

RDo you remember a few months ago when Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired from the NFL and then retired? How was it all just weird and awkward, and felt like something else was going on behind the scenes? Since then, several unconfirmed reports have surfaced suggesting that this was in fact the case.

What do we know as we know about the situation?

Honestly, not much. On February 1, Brady issued a statement making it clear that he was moving on from playing football. On March 13, Brady immediately withdrew, prompting many to wonder what exactly had changed in such a short time.

On March 30, Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians said he would step down from his role and instead work in a consulting position. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles stepped in to replace him.

Are the two facts related?

Almost certainly, given the dynamics of the situation. Arians were quite interchangeable as head coaches tend to be the league, while Brady is one of the most important figures in the history of the sport.

But how?

This is where we come into the difficult realm of speculation, so everything from here and out must be framed with the term “reported”, especially as it seems unlikely that we will soon get any clarification. (Additionally, it can trigger an NFL investigation for tampering if any of these rumors are justified.)

Do not be shy. Give me the dirt.

Fair enough. On Twitter, Rich Ohrnberger, a former player and current NFL analyst, reported that Brady, along with offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, felt undermined by the Arians, and the two sought to go elsewhere.

Apparently, while Arians was rehabbing the achilles in the early mornings, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Brady would work on the week's game plan. Arians would later come in and take the red pen to work they'd done. The QB and OC felt undermined, there was tension.

— Rich Ohrnberger (@ohrnberger) February 18, 2022


Apparently, while Arians retrained the Achilles tendon the early mornings, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Brady would work on the week’s schedule. The Arians would later come in and take the red pen at work they had done. QB and OC felt undermined, there was excitement.

– Rich Ohrnberger (@ohrnberger) February 18, 2022

Meanwhile, Pro Football Talks’ Mark Florio reported during that time that Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins wanted to bring in Brady and head coach Sean Payton, but not necessarily in a football role: the point was to get him to be part of the headquarters presumably. to start the next phase of Brady’s NFL career.

So would Brady have been the director and still play football?

It seems. This is where the story starts to sound silly, though it should be noted that ridiculous things are basically the norm in the NFL. The next step in the plan would have been for Brady to then “retire”, install himself as the quarterback and get the Dolphins to work out some form of trade compensation for the loss of himself. There were no rules against Miami signing Brady as an executive, but he would still have been under contract to play quarterback with the Buccaneers if he wanted to be on the field.

That’s when former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against racial discrimination against the NFL, right?

Yes. That was apparently when the whole plan fell apart. The Dolphins, the team that fired Flores, were to try to pick up a white team president and a white head coach while they were accused of trying to circumvent the Rooney rule, which requires teams to interview a minority candidate for major coaching positions. . It simply would not fly.

What incident triggered that lawsuit again?

Well, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick accidentally sent a text message to Flores that was intended for former Buffalo Bill’s offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The message tipped Flores that the New York Giants had already decided on Daboll before they even interviewed Flores, suggesting he was just being interviewed as a formality.

So if Belichick had not sent that text, is there a chance that Brady would be the touchdown-tossing team president of the Miami Dolphins right now?

If there is any truth behind these reports – and again, we do not know for sure – there is no chance that would have happened after Flores’ trial. So yes.

Does not feel comfortable given the not-quite-harmonious split between Brady and Belichick?

I can see what you’re up to here. It would be ruthless speculation to suggest that this could have been a detailed Better Call Saul scenario in which Bill Belichick “accidentally-on-purpose” wrote a text message to the wrong Brian because he heard about Brady’s plans to join to the Dolphins and felt this would be the way to sabotage them. That does not mean that it is not extremely fun to imagine it as something he would have done, given his story with extremely intricate plans.

What happens next?

Nothing unless the league decides to investigate the dolphins for potential manipulation, which they probably should at this point. The Dolphins do not want to dwell on this and the Buccaneers should just be happy to have Brady back. It would be best for them, and the whole continuously scandal-plagued league in general, if this story just disappeared quickly. Unfortunately for them, in sports, this is the exact kind of juicy conspiracy theory that never really does. Stick around.

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