Charlie Rose attempts #MeToo comeback 5 years after CBS firing

Disgraced journalist Charlie Rose has kicked off a comeback attempt nearly five years after being fired by both CBS and PBS over allegations of sexual misconduct in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Rose, who turned 80 in January, posted a 75-minute interview with 91-year-old business giant Warren Buffett on her personal website on Thursday. In it, the two talked about the latter’s career when Rose, among other things, asked him about other billionaires and space jockeys Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

“I’m proud to share this latest conversation with Warren Buffett,” Rose wrote as an introduction to the chat – apparently the start of a series titled “Charlie Rose Conversations” – on his website. “It’s his first interview on camera in almost a year and the first I’ve done in more than four years. It’s a step in a journey to engage the most interesting people and explore the most compelling ideas in the world.”

Rose, a former “CBS This Morning” anchor and host of his own self-titled talk show on public television, was “fired” from his high-profile positions in November 2017 after being hit by allegations of unwanted sexual advances.

Charlie Rose has attempted a comeback and has posted an interview with business giant Warren Buffett on his website.
Charlie Rose speaks with Warren Buffett during a 75-minute interview, which was posted on the former's website.
Charlie Rose speaks with Warren Buffett during a 75-minute interview, which was posted on the former’s website.

However, not everyone was excited about Rose’s return to broadcast, even on her own streaming platform.

“Again, I want to ask, how’s all this cancellation culture going on for people?” tweeted author Rebecca Carrollwhile another commentator on social media added their own touch: “Look at how the cancellation culture has ruined the careers of men like Charlie Rose and Louis CK. So sad, ”referring to the fallen cartoonist who recently received a Grammy Award, despite allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Others shouted Buffett to even agree to do sit-down face-to-face.

“What’s wrong with? #WarrenBuffet? Hundreds of respectable journalists who do not sexually harass women available, and he chooses to give an interview to #CharlieRose? ” wrote a commentator who claimed to be a retired journalist in their profile. “Please let Rose crawl back under the rock he has been hiding for the last 4 years – and stay there. #Me too

During the interview, the discussion never came up on any charges against Rose. Instead, the speaker directed Buffett to happily open up about aging and its effects on him, with Buffett acknowledging that even though he might be relaxing, his “happiness” was still intact.

“I’ve gotten dumber, but I’ve gotten wiser,” he said, noting that his memory and more are not quite as good as they used to be.

“I’m a dilapidated machine that still feels wonderful,” he continued. “But I can not hear so well, I can not see so well, my balance is not so good, but it does not disturb my happiness, my work – something.”

He also said that certain forms of communication in the 21st century remain outside his skills.

“I do not know how to send emails,” he admitted with a laugh. “I literally do not know how to send an email.”

When Rose asked him how he felt when people referred to him as a “genius”, business manager Buffett rejected the idea – and he even suggested that his industry did not rely on brains to keep it going.

“I’m a smart guy who is terrible interested in what he does, so I’ve spent my whole life doing it. I have surrounded myself with people who bring out the best in me – and you do not have to be a genius in what I do, “he replied. “That’s the good thing about it. If I went into physics or a whole lot of other things, I’d be a race too. But I’m in a game that you do not need – you probably need 120 points. “But 170 does not make it better than 120. It can make it worse – probably worse. But you do not really need a brain.”

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