‘Billions’ Season 6, Episode 12: ‘Cold Storage’


Cool storage

Season 6

Section 12

Editor’s assessment

3 stars

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One of the many things I have observed from summarizing the value of three seasons billion is that no one ever really wins. Both Mike Prince and Chuck Rhoades close out the sixth season think they have won, but honestly I never think I’ve seen any of these characters look so pathetic.

Believe courage billion season finale, “Cold Storage” has an intricate, time-consuming plot that relies heavily on a lot of exhibit for those of us who are not legal, technological and / or cryptocurrency experts – and the whole story only begins to make sense towards the end. After inferring last week that Prince was running for president, Chuck stages an uncertain plan to prove Prince unfit for office before the campaign even begins: he tries to reveal evidence that Prince on its own, Mike Money finances universal basic income program with a secret crypto storage.

A detailed round of chicken follows, led by New York State Attorney General Dave Mahar. We learn early on that either Chuck or Prince is going to jail at the end of the episode. Under shady circumstances (what is a false arrest warrant between friends?), Chuck receives a suspicious refrigerated hard drive from one of Prince’s companies, which he insists has the incriminating crypto. Thanks to a hired technical expert, Chuck opens the encrypted drive, which holds a whopping $ 150 million. Dave then seizes another 11 drives, which are scattered around Prince’s many businesses. She meets with Chuck and Prince along with their respective lawyers, Ira Schirmer and Kate Sacker, in an interrogation room. The rules of the game are now as follows: If the 11 encrypted drives can be unlocked (the technology expert only gets ten tries before the drives are permanently shut down), and they actually hold billions of crypto, Mike Prince will go to jail for tax fraud. If the drives cannot be unlocked, Chuck Rhoades will go to jail for seizing property under false pretenses. What increases the tension here is that if the drives are permanently locked and Prince lies about their contents just to save his ass, then he is personally out with $ 3.5 billion.

As the final bet falls, with Chuck risking his personal freedom just to prove a point and Prince risking 30 percent of his net worth to get out of jail, both end up as the biggest losers. The technical expert is unable to open the remaining drives despite the ten attempts required, and it ended with Chuck being led away in handcuffs. Prince walks out of a free man, but it is not until he stands by the elevator that Dave – who is still keeping an eye on him via the security cameras – notices the first crack in his stone-clad veneer. Before getting up in the elevator, Prince puts his hand against the wall, as if to catch his breath.

At this point, even though Dave is smiling over this new development, we still do not even know for sure if Prince actually had the supposed crypto hidden on these drives. It is not until he steps into the upscale bar where the rest of the MPC staff awaits his arrival and casually announces that he has just lost $ 3.5 billion. This revelation shocks even his impeccable lawyer, Kate Sacker.

Prince leads his staff in a bowl for the future, but the team’s collective silence is the opposite of their roaring allegiance from a few episodes ago. When I say Prince came out of this episode as a loser, it’s because of what he did not hear or see, just a few minutes before he walked into the bar, and it’s once again a sea of ​​disagreement , rising among the ranks: Now that Philip has been officially named along with Taylor as Prince’s successor, Uncle Scooter has washed his hands of his nephew. Although Scooter insists he “knows what he signed up for” – as in, yes, I want to be the man behind the man buying the next presidency with dirty money – he would never want Philip to be mixed up with Mike Prince . But when Philip did not listen, Scooter warns ominously that he can no longer help him and that his new role at MPC is “a bag of lava that is going to break out all over the place. [him]. “Yikes. Then there are Wags, who lament Wendy that at least when he worked for Ax, his outlined deeds were” honest. “He did not have to” pretend I was making sparkling cupcakes while I was shaking a bastard who needed to shake. “And despite their new role as Prince’s successor, there are also hints that maybe next season (yep, billion will be back for season seven) will see Taylor plan their own escape from MPC. They enigmatically tell Rian that working for Prince is nothing more than “bidding our time” because they will “get our own places soon enough.”

As for Chuck, it is not even his lowest point to be thrown in jail, even if only the audience is aware of it. Shortly after Prince reveals his hand at the elevator, Dave arrives at Chuck’s cell, all too eager to re-enact this famous Eddie Murphy-Nick Nolte scene from 48 hours. (And I have to say, Sakina Jaffrey does one mean “Roxanne”; she’s clearly one of the smartest additions to the series.) She had to let Chuck be arrested so she could prove her own theory about Prince, but now that she knows that Prince lied (“His knees almost pinched, when he tried to stand! ”), she’s here to get her former boss out of the jingle. hard drive – and they will work together to take Mike Prince down.

That sounds like a dream come true for Chuck, right? Uh, more like a nightmare. Chuck’s collaboration with Dave must remain secret. Her plan is to make the world believe he is still accused until Prince is the one put behind bars. Chuck may be released from prison, but how can someone like him perform this kind of social justice without the promise of eternal glory? I do not know, Chuck, you may have wanted to listen to the Grateful Dead lyrics in the background during your big jailbreak scene: “Do not let that deal stand.”

You know how I said at the top of this summary that there were no winners with billion? Well, I think the one person who comes closest to “winning” at the end of this season is Dave Mahar. Because she has now done the one thing even Kate Sacker could not achieve: She has managed to get Chuck Rhoades to heel, but to make her bid and, without him knowing it, ensure that she is the one who gets the recognition if and when Mike Prince is finally put away.

• Although I do not ignore the importance of Mike Prince appointing a black man and a non-binary person by gender as his direct successors, billion still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to one of its most prominent black characters. I know Scooter has accepted his role as the man of the future behind the man in the White House, but I’m deeply disappointed that that seems to be the path Kate Sacker is going too. Her own political hopes are already a distant memory, and she now appears to be fully involved in helping Prince get elected.

• Oh, Rian, Rian, Rian, Rian. Good on billion to examine the double standards that come with potential political sex scandals. It’s sickening that Prince gets a “cavalier” attitude, while Rian has to weigh the emotional and career consequences of a few fun days sleeping with his cult-like boss. She did absolutely the right thing by not taking that dividend, but it’s not like Taylor’s advice will be super-helpful in the long run: to train yourself to be completely Dick Whitman by remaining “careful” and “conscious” “just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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