Best armor in the Fire Ring

In the Fire Ring, your survival can often come down to what kind of armor you are wearing. While the real weapon takes precedence over an armor set, players will still have a hard time in the countries between countries if they do not pair their armor correctly with their overall building. There are several categories that armor sets can be divided into. It is clear that there are sets that are compatible with melee and magic characters. However, there are also specific pieces of armor that simply look visually better than others or are more advantageous to acquire in the early or late game of the Elden Ring. If you are looking for the best armor sets in the Elden Ring, read below to see the strongest fits for each category.

Best Melee Armor Set

We start this list with some armor sets tailored for melee characters. These sets do not have to be the heaviest or provide the best protection, but they will provide the most benefits for players who have a melee weapon.