Are you going to a Minnesota Twins game? Here are the new foods at Target Field

Target Field swung for the fences as it unveiled the new food offerings on the football field on Tuesday, some from longtime suppliers and others from beginners eager to give Twins fans a taste of what they do.

Debuts for 2022 include Australian-style hand pies, “upcycled” sandwiches made with wholemeal bread, tacos from a family-owned Roseville restaurant, candied nuts from a multigenerational confectionery company and a grilled cheese showcasing the producers at Northeast Minneapolis’ Food Building.

Also new this year is the Market, a self-service area for pre-packaged snacks, hot food and soft ice cream, plus a massive walk-in beer cooler. Customers will settle at toll stations.

Here’s what’s on the menu at this week’s media premiere. (Prices were not immediately available.)

Rookie providers

Bub’s Australian Gourmet Pies: Australian expat Jason Drysdale launched the hand pie company two years ago in Lake Elmo. Now they are available in the freezer department at a few local grocers and at Target Field. 8-ounce chicken and wild rice pie is an ingenious way to eat soup with one hand. “It’s what we call a travel pie,” he said. There will also be a sloppy Joe pie, perfect for hot food on cooler game days. Near section 126.

Upcycle foods: A new bid for recycling turns used grain from breweries and distilleries into flour for all kinds of treats. Upcycle Foods chef Scott Vanden Broecke bakes dark and plush buns for a new grinder at the stadium. The sandwich is packed with ham, mortadella, capicola, pepperoni, raw onions and cheese. “We are working on new partnerships with local breweries,” he said of taking their grains and upgrading them to bread. Really on deck.

La Tapatia: This Roseville-based restaurant makes its debut on Target Field with adobo chicken tacos in soft, doubled tortillas. Gamegoers can choose between Cali-style with sour cream, tomatoes and shredded cabbage or Mexican street-style with raw onions and cilantro. There will also be an ample selection of salsas to spice up each bite. Near section 109.

Food building: Kieran Folliards Northeast-based Food Building brings local flavor to what is being touted as the stadium’s “official” grilled cheese sandwich. Soft and funky Alemar cheese is sandwiched between two slices of Baker’s Field bread and fried with lots of butter. Snap a cup of creamy tomato soup for dunking. The market near section 126.

We are crazy (St. Paul): Peanuts and baseball are a classic combination, and locally owned We Are Nuts brings its best roasted to the new grab-and-go Market. Find candied, spicy and spicy mixes. The market near section 126.

Returned players with new food

Roots for the Home Team: Five rotating salads were each made in collaboration between a local chef and a youth organization. An eye-catching dish is Legacy Salad – brown rice, edamame, pickled vegetables, sugar peas, bok choy and crispy chickpeas. Zarea Mobley, 20, a member of Roots for the Home Team’s Youth Advisory Council, helped design the salad, which features a Korean chili mango vinaigrette, along with chef Yia Vang. “I was right there with Yia. We told him what flavors we wanted and he made a sweet, spicy, spicy salad,” she explained. “It’s the community that comes together as a whole to make salad for more communities.” § 101.

Soul Bowl: After taking a year off, chef Gerard Klass is back with some new dishes. The Summer Bowl features grilled beef, Cajun corn and decadent macaroni and cheese. Or have the beef put on a potato roll and topped with coleslaw and potato chips in a sandwich called Henry, named after Klass’s grandfather. § 112.

Warm Indian: Now that owner Amol Dixit and chef Janene Holig have closed the Hot Indian stand at Midtown Global Market, Target Field is the place to get Holig’s chicken tikka or vegan chana masala, served over brown rice with crispy papadum, cilantro and slaw. Near section 122.

Veterans players

Macs fish: The beloved fried fish baskets are back at the stadium. Suggested pikeperch is served with just a little salt on top and a jalapeño and lime-tartar sauce. Available with french fries. Townball Tavern

Blue Door Pub: That Cease and Desist Burger is for those who like their cheese inside. The yellow and white American cheese “Blucy” is served with salad, raw onions and sour ‘merican sauce. Close to Gate 34

Turkey To Go: A fan favorite at the Minnesota State Fair, super juicy turkey makes a comeback at Target Field after a short time away. Juicy meat is simply stacked up on a squishy bun. Find them next to Hrbeks. Close to dept. 114

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