April 16, 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR heat races set the starting grid for tonight’s race

First of all, the NASCAR Truck Series is ready for four heat races on the Bristol Dirt Track. These races will be used to set the starting line-up for tonight’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

See the results from the Bristol Dirt heat race for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

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Bristol Dirt format

-There will be four heat races in the Cup Series and the Truck Series. Each heat race is 15 laps in distance with the starting lineup for the heats set by owner points and a random draw.

Pass points are in play for the heat races. For each position obtained from the start of the race, the riders earn 1 extra point. The top 10 at the end of each heat get points, with the winner of the race earning 10 and 10. earning 1.

-The rider with the most points after the heats will be awarded the pole prize for the feature event. Tie-breakers are set via owner points.

Heat 1
Race report

laps: 15

Austin Dillon and Tanner Gray put the front row to the night’s first heat race. They roll to the starting line.

Green flag they run side by side into turn one. Dillon clears him via the inside of turn two.

Round 2, Buddy Kofoid climbs to the front in a hurry! He’s already up to 4.

Round 9, Tanner Gray has water running out of the hood as dirt has covered the grill. He pulls to the pit lane for the 2nd!

Round 11, Buddy Kofoid has the same overheating problem with mud covering the grill. He also pulls in, he drove 4.

Austin Dillon wins heat race 1 at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 1 Race Results (Heat Points Earned): 1. Austin Dillon (10); 2. Parker Kligerman (12); 3. Colby Howard (9); 4. Andrew Gordon (7); 5. Austin Wayne Self (9); 6. Jack Wood (9); 7. Blaine Perkins (4); 8. Timmy Hill (3); 9. Buddy Kofoid (2); 10. Tanner Gray (1);

Heat 2
Race report

laps: 15

Ty Majeski and Tyler Ankrum line up in the front row.

Green flag, Majeski is ready in the first place. Hocevar drives it deep into turn one and takes over 2nd place.

3rd round, Zane Smith and Tate Fogleman run side by side to 5. Smith runs him wide, but they remain side by side. laps later, Fogleman finally clears him via the outside lane.

Round 10, Majeski runs right around the inside lane. Hocevar follows three truck lengths and he drives one lane higher than the driver. He closes a little.

Ty Majeski wins heat 2 at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 2 Race Results (Earned hot points): 1. Ty Majeski (10); 2. Carson Hocevar (11); 3. Matt Crafton (8); 4. Tyler Ankrum (7); 5. Tate Fogleman (6); 6. Zane Smith (7); 7. Mike Marlar (7); 8. Lawless Alan (3); 9. Chase Purdy (2); Keith McGee (1)

Heat 3
Race report

laps: 15

Kaz Grala and Grant Enfinger roll through turn four. Hailie Deegan was scheduled to start as number 4, but she starts at the tail with a spare truck.

Green flag, Enfinger leads in the first place. Joey Logano takes 2nd out.

Round 2 runs the three wide and slam doors at the back of the field.

Round 4, Hailie Deegan works on the outside of Norm Benning for 6. Matt DiBenedetto dives into both of them. Three wide, Benning-lift and Deegan rolls to 6th after starting last.

Round 5, Logano is all over the bumper of the Enfinger for the lead.

Round 7 spins Hailie Deegan on her own and the caution is out.

Green, Enfinger and Logano run side by side in turn one! Logano noses in front of turn two at the top. He clears him and falls to the bottom in turn three to take the line away.

2 to go, Rhodes looks to the outside of Enfinger. He pulls even when they take the white flag. Rhodes gets him as number 2 in the row.

Forrest wins Joey Logano heat 3 at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 3 Race Results (Earned hot points):

Heat 4
Race report

laps: 15

Dean Thompson and Chandler Smith roll side by side to the flagpole.

Green flag they run side by side into turn one. Chandler Smith wins the battle via the outside line. Chase Elliott follows him through on the outside to take the 2nd away.

Round 2, Smith runs the middle lane. Elliott moves one lane higher and he looks for the lead.

9th inning, Elliott leans up against the back bumper of Smith for the lead. Derek Kraus closes on both of them.

Round 10, Smith moves up a lane to block. Elliott looks inward, but he can not make it work.

Chandler Smith wins the last heat race at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 4 Race Results (Earned hot points): 1. Chandler Smith (11); 2. Chase Elliott (11); 3. Derek Kraus (8); 4. Stewart Friesen (13); 5. John Hunter Nemechek (7); 6. Harrison Burton (6); 7. Dean Thompson (4); 8. Jessica Friesen (3); 9. Spencer Boyd (2);

Bristol dirt
Starting lineup
NASCAR Truck Series
April 16, 2022

Pos | Driver | Hot spots

1. Joey Logano

2. Ben Rhodes

Stewart Friesen

4. Parker Kigerman

5. Chandler Smith

6. Carson Hocevar

7. Chase Elliott

8. Ty Majeski

9. Matt DiBenedetto

10. Austin Dillon

11. Austin Wayne Self

12. Colby Howard

13. Jack Wood

14. Matt Crafton

15. Derek Kraus

16. Grant Enfinger

17. Zane Smith

18. John Hunter Nemechek

19. Christian Eckes

20. Tyler Ankrum

21. Mike Marlar

22. Andrew Gordon

23. Harrison Burton

24. Tate Fogleman

25. Kaz Grala

26. Hailie Deegan

27. Dean Thompson

28. Blaine Perkins

29. Timmy Hill

30. Kris Wright

31. Lawless Alan

32. Buddy Kofoid

33. Chase Purdy

34. Spencer Boyd

35. Tanner Gray

36. Keith McGee

Could not qualify

Jessica Friesen

Norm Benning

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