2022 Detroit Lions 7-round mock draft 2.0: Trade down, fill up on defense

Last week I left my comfort zone and dropped my first mock draft. So here I am again with another draft for you, but this time we do things a little differently. I would do two different things with this draft. First, I would trade down the first round. Second, I would try not to draft the same players I met in last week’s draft. For the most part, I succeeded.

Let’s get into this mockery.

First of all, let’s talk about a trade. Many times when you use fake traction generators you get some unreal trade offers. So I decided to reject them and try to find a trading partner myself. I found one in the Atlanta Falcons and we made a deal. Let’s take a look at the deal.

Detroit Lions few: The 8th overall election, 43rd election and 190th election.

Falke gets: The 2nd overall pick they used to pick Liberty quarterback Malik Willis.

Round 1, Choice 8: Edge Jermaine Johnson

Last week we had a theme and that was athletics. Now we’re looking for athletes again, but this week the bigger theme is utility.

Utility is why I chose Florida State edge rusher Jermaine Johnson. He did a lot of different things in college. In Georgia, he played outside linebacker, and in Florida State, he played edge both standing and with his hand on the turf. He did all this very well. He also happens to be an amazing athlete. He had a RAS score of 9.23 after NFL Combine and his pro day. There’s a reason he’s gone up in draft this offseason.

Round 1, Choice 32: DT Perrion Winfrey

The old saying goes that football matches are won in the trenches. So with that in mind, building the lines is smart business. The lions could use a force in the middle of their line. How about a guy who is athletic and can be an aid? Winfrey is that guy. Ian Cummings from Pro Football Network can tell you why.

“A particularly intriguing part of Winfrey’s profile – in addition to his athleticism and his natural influence – is his versatility. With its size and athletic frame, Winfrey can line up in a host of different venues. Last year, he took reps everywhere from nose tackling to 5-technique, and his skill set allows him to stunt between different positions on a single rep. His best role in the NFL will probably be as a 3-pointer, but Winfrey is not limited to that lineup. ”

Winfrey was also one of our standouts from Senior Bowl week, albeit from the national team that the Lions did not coach.

Round 2, Choice 34: Recipient Christian Watson

The Lions receiving corps is a mystery to me. They may be good to go in 2022 with DJ Chark, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Josh Reynolds. But still, an extra piece would be nice.

Watson impressed absolutely everyone on the Combine as he ran a windy 4.36 40-yard line. On top of that, he set a RAS score of 9.96. He also happens to be 6-foot-4 and 208 pounds. He’s a monster out there.

Round 2, Choice 43: Linebacker Quay Walker

Walker had a RAS score of 9.63, and he helped the Georgia Bulldogs win it all this year. He’s not Nakobe Dean, but what he does have on Dean is size. While Dean is 5 feet-11 12 and 231 pounds, the Walker is a much larger 6-foot-3 12 and 241 pounds. Even with the extra size, Walker does not give off any athleticism. His strength is also exciting. Ian Cummings from PFN explains.

“Walker’s playing strength is another factor that sets him apart from other linebackers. He undoubtedly has the size and strength to take on offensive linemen at the second level. Georgia ILB locks itself on the cushions of opposing linemen and then tears anchors down with violent force. “

Round 3, Choice 66: Tight than Isaiah Probably

I failed my mission here. I just really like Likely. I had to take him again. Here’s my summary of Probably from last week.

Round 3, Election 97: Guard Lecitus Smith

The Lions’ offensive line is certainly a strength for this team, but depth is important and the Lions need to have their future in mind. Smith could add instant depth to the Lions on guard duty and potentially take on Halapoulivaati Vaitai eventually. He’s a big, meaty guy who can push other big, meaty guys around. A power blocker who can pull, Smith would fit well with a Lions team that appreciates the running game. The Lions have already seen what Smith can do when he was on their Senior Bowl team.

Round 5, Election 177: Safety Smoke Monday

Here is one for the name bracket. This guy has the coolest name I’ve ever seen in my 36 years. Even his real name (Quindarious) is cool.

Does smoke have all the smoke for the lions? This team needs help with security. Although I prefer the lions to take a shot at a safety much earlier than this, the board sometimes does not fall your way. Monday will be a project for Lions. There are some questions about his speed and whether he can keep up with the NFL. There are also some questions about his coverage abilities.

That’s why you pair a player like this with defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and defensive back coach Aubrey Pleasant. That’s what they’re good at. They can get the best out of a player. It may be a risk, but it is a risk that pays off. In addition, this is the fifth round. This is where you take high-upside guys.

Round 6, pick 181: Cornerback Joshua Williams

Sticking to the secondary, the Lions could use more depth in the corner. Enter Fayetteville State’s Joshua Williams. I know fans can sometimes be scared of the little school players, but according to PFN’s James Fragoza, Williams can be a big fish in a small pond.

“Fayetteville State CB is a small school player with great school talent. When you study FCS and lower prospects, you want them to dominate. And so did Williams throughout his D2 career. Although the level of competition will be a pretty big blow against Williams, he did what he was supposed to and locked his opponents. “

Round 6, Election 190: Tight End James Mitchell

Two close ends? Are you crazy?

Yes, I’m crazy, but listen to me. What did I say we were looking at in this fake draft? Utility. Mitchell offers it to the lions. Although he spent most of his time playing tight end at Virginia Tech, that does not tell the whole story. Mitchell played outside, inside and inside the castle. He also played some running backs and even returned punts.

When you have a guy on the team who can do a lot of different things, you tend to find a place for him and he will almost certainly become a special teams player right away. So do not read too much into the tight end of it all. Mitchell is a weapon. The downside is that Mitchell is recovering from knee surgery. The advantage is that that’s why you’re able to get him in the sixth round.

Round 6, Choice 217: Linebacker Mike Rose

You can never have too many linebackers on your team. As I sat in this place, I wanted to go with the best player I could find, and his athleticism and background jumped off the page. He was the Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year in 2020, and he has a RAS score of 9.07. Not bad.

He also comes with a lot of experience. As a four-year starter in Iowa State, he played 49 games and was a leader in defense there (team captain in 2021). He’s one of those guys who makes you wonder why he falls so far, especially when the scout report shows he’s good at covering and even better stops the run. This one feels like a steal.

Round 7, Election 234: Offensive lineman Dylan Parham

Parham is the only other guy besides Probably that I had on last week’s scorn. He’s here again because I realized the Lions could get him later than they could in last week’s mockery. Granted, it seems unlikely he would fall near this fall, but he was there so I had to take him. You can read my rationale for the election here.

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